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Interview with Qucheng Creator: The future is the world of 3D printing!

Qucheng Zaowu, a 3D printing service company located in Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province, the "capital of hardware", relies on 3D printing technology to provide 3D printing, construction sand table production, small batch production of complex molds, and prototype models for small and medium-sized enterprises. Customization and other services. The main industries served include architectural design, industrial design, film animation, mechanical design and education, etc., aiming to provide integrated comprehensive solutions for enterprises and customers.


『How can 3D printing technology be applied in the future? As a high-tech technology, what impact does 3D printing technology have on local industrial development? 』

With the above questions in mind, we recently interviewed one of the founders of Qucheng - Manager Ying Qiyaoying. We believe that from his interpretation of the above questions, we can gain a different understanding of 3D printing!

Editor: We all know that 3D printing has achieved high precision, but whether it can achieve mass production is an unavoidable problem. I believe that everyone also has a huge desire to know about this, so what effect has your company achieved in terms of industrial distribution and volume?

Mr. Ying: At present, we use UnionTech’s SLA 3D printers to achieve small-batch production. During the production process, we conduct reasonable design and typesetting on the computer side according to customer requirements and product characteristics. If the panel of a high-tech 3D printer is used reasonably, it can be said that it will make the best use of everything. Speaking of the company's current industrial distribution, our company is now cooperating with many industries, covering almost the entire industry, and most of them are prototype factories. Of course, there is a big trend now that everyone has higher and higher requirements for customization. We will also cooperate with universities or design studios to help them realize some exquisite and complex designs.



Editor: In the future, what kind of production method will the factory produce? This is a question worth pondering for everyone. Mr. Ying: Do you think 3D printing will become the main way of production in the future?

Mr. Ying: Haha, when it comes to the future, it can be said that with the increase of labor costs, labor difficulties will be a problem that many enterprises have to face. Our company now has only 13 staff members, including the front-end design, on-board personnel and post-processing staff. This lightweight staffing has greatly reduced the company's costs, but let's be honest, our company's business can be said to be all over the country. In my opinion, this is the magic of 3D printing technology. Regarding the future development of 3D printing, I believe that as long as the material limitation is broken through, there will be unlimited stages in the future. Many of our customers directly use 3D printed products for production.


Editor: At present, Mr. Ying has nearly 10 years of experience in the 3D printing industry. After this journey, do you think the 3D printing industry will have an impact on the local industrial layout and innovation? What impact, if any, will it have?

Mr. Ying: Yongkang is the "City of Hardware" and there are countless products involved. Everyone knows that design is a key step in controlling production costs. With the support of 3D printing technology, we can help many local manufacturers to reduce the design cost. of compression. For example, Hals, a leading domestic thermos cup company, is one of our customers. Starting from the convenience of 3D printing, we can provide the other party with a complete solution in terms of design, system testing and cost, which greatly Help customers achieve product innovation and cost reduction within the limit. This is only a small aspect of the impact of 3D printing on local industries. What is certain is that 3D printing can create more novel cases for our Yongkang "Hardware Capital" and help local industries to upgrade more perfectly.


It must be mentioned that Mr. Ying gave a high degree of affirmation to UnionTech's Lite series 3D printers such as industrial SLA printer, industrial DLP 3D printer and mid size resin printer. According to Mr. Ying, the printing speed of these two devices has also greatly exceeded expectations. At present, Qucheng has purchased 20 units of Luen Thai's equipment, and the equipment is fully powered to meet their production requirements. Combined with the Unionfab ONE one-click ordering platform developed by UnionTech and the pre-processing software Polydevs independently developed by UnionTech, there are basically no defective parts, and customers are relatively satisfied with its printing products, and there are basically no customers The case of returns. In addition, from start-up to product presentation, sometimes it can be done in one day, and the production is very convenient.


With the development of 3D printing technology becoming more and more mature, high performance, high precision, high efficiency, personalization and low cost have become synonymous with this technology. More and more people are willing to use 3D technology to complete product production. 3D Printing services are growing from strength to strength. It is under such a background that Qucheng Creation, relying on 3D printing technology, transforms sincere love into professional production, and achieves the ultimate in personalized printing and customization services! It is believed that in the future, Qucheng 3D printing will serve a wider range of customers and become another beautiful and splendid industry benchmark of the "Hardware Capital".

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