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What Convenience Can 3D Printing Bring to the Industrial Field?

The technical characteristics of 3D printing are in line with the next step of human development, which will bring rapid development in the industrial field.

▶ High flexibility in production:

It can manufacture 3D entities of arbitrary complex shapes. To produce part models of different shapes, it is only necessary to change the CAD model, readjust and set the parameters.

▶ Directly driven by CAD model, highly integrated design and manufacturing:

3D printing technology realizes the seamless connection of CAD/CAM and truly realizes the integration of design and manufacturing. It is a typical embodiment of digital design and manufacturing technology.

▶ Production cost has obvious constant characteristics:

The cost of the product has almost nothing to do with the batch size and complexity of the product.

▶ Highly automated:

The process is fully automatic, without manual intervention, and can basically realize unattended production.

At present, the application of 3D printing technology in industry is mainly used for product proofing in the stage of product development, such as appearance verification, assembly verification, and small batch production, etc., which reduces the cost of molds in the entire manufacturing process and shortens the time and Accelerated the pace of new product launches. With the improvement of material performance and the improvement of 3D printing process, 3D printing technology will be more and more applied in the scale production of industrial manufacturing, and the future 3D printing technology will develop towards the direction of large-scale products such as large SLA printer.

3D printing has been widely used in automotive design and parts

As a major symbol of the Industry 4.0 era, the rapid development of 3D printing technology will definitely help the development of the automobile manufacturing industry and fully open the era of intelligent manufacturing. The current application of 3D printing technology in the automotive industry is no longer limited to simple conceptual model design, and is developing towards more functional parts, penetrating into various fields of auto parts. For example, car grilles, car dashboards, air-conditioning pipelines, intake manifolds, engine covers, decorative parts, lights, etc. have all been developed and produced using 3D printing technology.

In the current automotive application market, auto brand manufacturers using UnionTech 3D printing technology include Volkswagen, Toyota, JMC, JAC, BYD, Chery, Zhejiang Tianchong Auto Lamp Group Co., Ltd., Jilin Ruibao Auto Lamp Co., Ltd., Tianjin City Auto Lamp Factory and so on.

Application of 3D printing in the field of household appliances, kitchen and bathroom

In traditional manufacturing methods, the investment and development of molds occupy relatively high costs for enterprises. The emergence of 3D printing technology has brought shortcuts to manufacturing for the household appliance industry. Through 3D printing rapid prototyping, R&D engineers can quickly transform the 3D model data designed by the computer into real objects, and this process is ten times faster than using traditional production methods.

3D printing technology is mainly used for product proofing in the stage of product development, such as appearance verification, assembly verification, and small batch production, etc. It reduces mold costs in the entire manufacturing process, shortens product development time and accelerates the pace of new product launches. With the improvement of material properties and the improvement of 3D printing process, 3D printing technology will be more and more applied in the production of final parts of home appliances. In the future, 3D printing technology will develop in the direction of large-scale products.

UnionTech's main customers: Gree Electric Appliances, TOTO, Seagull Sanitary Ware, Zhejiang Shuaikang

Application of 3D printing in aerospace field

The aerospace manufacturing field integrates all the high-tech technologies of a country, and it is the back-up support field where the national strategic plan can be implemented and the political situation can be displayed. As a new innovative 3D manufacturing technology, 3D printing technology has outstanding application advantages in the aerospace field. 3D printing technology can shorten the research and development cycle of new aerospace equipment; it can improve the utilization rate of materials, save expensive strategic materials, and reduce manufacturing costs; it can optimize the structure of parts, reduce weight, reduce stress concentration, and increase service life; it can be repaired quickly parts etc.

3D printing "precision casting" application

UnionTech is one of the first companies in China to apply SLA light-curing 3D printing technology to precision casting. At present, its customers in the foundry industry include Luoyang Shuangrui and Guizhou Anji.

The role of 3D printing technology is currently a relatively advanced manufacturing technology, which is combined with traditional precision casting technology to get rid of the stalemate of traditional precision casting alone. It has been rapidly developed and applied in recent years. Judging from the current situation, it has unique advantages. Gradually eliminate outdated production capacity and high energy consumption and pollution industries, give full play to their respective advantages to learn from each other's strengths, and realize more possibilities for precision casting. Its future development prospects are expected to be broad.

Leverage 3D printing technology to release the beauty of architectural shapes and help infinite possibilities

The 3D printing architectural model represents architectural art in the form of miniature entities, faithfully expresses the structure of architectural ideas, and transforms architects' intentions into concrete images. 3D printing has the characteristics of simple operation, fast and accurate forming speed, and can use simple and real materials to quickly build and shape entities, create detailed and accurate scale models, and can intuitively reflect the structure and size of buildings, etc. Relevant characteristics, effectively conveying the unique concept of each design to the client, has a good development prospect in the field of architectural design.


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