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New Dimension in Light Curing

As a 3D printing technology, stereolithography (SLA) has been continuously innovating in equipment, materials and application knowledge in the past 30 years, and is one of the additive manufacturing (AM) technologies commonly used in the world. However, even in its current state of high development, stereolithography is still lost in the overwhelming news of various emerging additive manufacturing technologies.

Today's light curing technology and equipment capabilities have gone far beyond the inherent concept that "light curing is only a molding solution". Stereo-curing manufactured parts have the characteristics of high precision, smooth surface quality and high density, consistent characteristics of all axes, and processing size diversity.  Compared with other additive manufacturing technologies, photo-curing manufactured parts can be applied to a wide range of materials . This makes stereolithography a widely used additive manufacturing process for concept models, moldings, assemblies and functional prototype parts.

These same characteristics make light curing widely used in mold and model making: 

investment casting, blister and injection molding. 

In fact, light-curing photopolymers are used in far more mold and model making than any other single application.

The PILOT commercial series consists of two models, the PILOT 250 and PILOT 450, with processing packages of 250 mm3 (9.8 in³) and 450 mm x 450 mm x 400 mm (17.7 in x 17.7 in x 15.7 in), respectively. The layer thickness is only 50-150 microns on smooth sidewalls. The PILOT family utilizes any commercially available standard 355 nm UV photopolymer for applications including investment casting, rapid tooling, metal cladding and various moldings and applications.

A prominent feature of UnionTech is that each SLA 3D printer uses a "granite core", which can well ensure the stability of the vacuum coating system. This characteristic shows that UnionTech has been pursuing a robust structure with high performance and cost-effectiveness. The power provided by the 355nm UV laser enables scanning speeds up to 12 m/s (more commonly expressed as "25 mph"). Similar to the RSPro production series, the PILOT commercial series has three user-controlled access levels (operator, engineer and expert) for device parameters.

The PILOT commercial range is primarily intended for laboratories, academic research institutes and internal/external service providers who will benefit from application condition versatility, accuracy, part aesthetics and material industrial strength capabilities (322nm UV). 

UnionTech, which mainly targets 3D printing users, has developed "new dimensions of light curing" with the high cost-effectiveness of the PILOT commercial series. UnionTech has custom selections of various stereolithography 3D printers for sale in stock at bulk/wholesle price. Welcome to consult us about stereolithography 3D printer price.

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