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3D Printing Technology Process Principles

Understand Professional 3D Printer

3D printing is very different from traditional mold production. The biggest advantage of professional 3D printer is that they can generate parts of any shape directly from computer graphic data, without any machining or molds, greatly shortening the product development cycle. It increases productivity and reduces production costs. At the same time, 3D printing can also print some appearance that traditional production technologies cannot produce. In addition, 3D printing technology can simplify the entire production process quickly and efficiently.

In engineering manufacturing, professional 3D printer is used for the production of important components such as national defense, military, aerospace, etc., where the production requirements are very high and traditional processes often cannot achieve even if they do, the cost is too high. On the other hand, professional 3D printer is used for small batch or single product engineering manufacturing.


The Printing Process Principle of Professional 3D Printer

Under the guidance of the design file, professional 3D printers first spray solid powder or molten liquid material, and these materials solidify into special flat layers. After the first layer is solidified, the professional 3D printer head returns and forms another thin layer outside the first layer. After the second layer solidifies, the print head returns again to form another layer outside the second layer.

Repeat this process, and the last layer stacks into a 3D object. Unlike traditional manufacturing machines that use cutting or molding to create objects, professional 3D printer,such as uniontech 3d printer, forms physical objects by stacking layers, expanding the range of digital concepts from a physical perspective.


Professional 3D printer is the preferred processing equipment for precise design of internal grooves or interlocking parts shape, enabling these designs to be realized in the physical world. Due to its high printing accuracy, the quality of the printed model is naturally good. In addition to displaying the design on the contour curve, the structure and moving parts are not a problem.

3D printing has brought about a manufacturing revolution worldwide. In the past, inter-group design was entirely dependent on the availability of the production process. The emergence of professional 3D printer will overturn this production mindset, allowing companies to produce parts without considering production. Process issues, any complex shape design can be achieved through professional 3D printer. 3D printing does not require machining or molds, can generate objects of any shape directly from computer graphic data, greatly shortening the production cycle of the product, and improving production efficiency. Although there is still room for improvement, the market potential of 3D printing technology is huge, and it will inevitably become one of the many breakthrough technologies in future manufacturing.

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