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JLCPCB and Uniontech Join Hands to Deepen the Plough of Electronics Industry

In recent years, the application of additive manufacturing technology has evolved from simple conceptual models and functional prototyping to small-lot manufacturing of functional components, and is penetrating into the design and manufacturing of complex structural components. JLCPCB is responding to the trend and ploughing deeper into the electronics field to create more revenue and bring more possibilities for electronics manufacturing enterprises.

Additive manufacturing technology is broadening the prospects of electronics industry enterprises

 JLCPCB is a nationally renowned PCB prototyping manufacturer, a high-tech enterprise focusing on double-sided and multi-layer boards.  JLCPCB, as an active and innovative enterprise, is making use of additive manufacturing, an emerging digital manufacturing technology, which brings more benefits to the enterprise.

Mr Luo Zhiwen, head of 3D printing division of  JLCPCB, introduced that 3D printing has brought many benefits to the electronics industry:

The first is cost-effective, additive manufacturing technology compared with the traditional process, in terms of time, labour, quality and so on is advantageous, is one of the ways to reduce costs and increase efficiency of enterprises.

Second is the speed of delivery, additive manufacturing technology delivery speed is a multiplier relationship of the traditional process. In particular, the resin printing process is now mature and stable, advanced electronics use the SLA light-curing 3d printer of Uniontech, this equipment is more stable in the industry, in terms of speed and quality to ensure delivery.

Finally, in terms of realisability, additive manufacturing technology highlights its advantages in the reduction and realisability of design ideas, which can be realised faster through software design and sophisticated algorithms.

Penetration of Additive Manufacturing in various fields

From an unattainable concept to one that is widely used in daily life, UnionTech has been working in the field of additive manufacturing for 23 years and has witnessed the development of 3D printing in China.


The four levels in which additive manufacturing technology is currently widely used:

The first level, in assisting product development, life of all kinds of products from large cars to small headphones, the development of all need to verify the appearance of the design, the functional structure of the verification and small production of all kinds of tests, 3D printing technology can be fast and good delivery of all kinds of test pieces.

The second level, additive manufacturing in the upgrade of traditional manufacturing industry has also been widely used, such as CNC machining industry upgrades, shoe moulds, tyre moulds and so on. Such as the traditional handmade industry upgrade, sculpture industry, statue industry, film and television props and other industries.

The third level, additive manufacturing technology itself based on digital manufacturing technology, to solve the traditional complex structure due to the inability to open the mould manufacturing problems, to create more needs, such as animation products, handicrafts and other industries.

The last level, around the human needs, due to individual differences, additive manufacturing technology is very suitable for personalised manufacturing, in the dental industry such as invisible orthodontics, oral restoration, oral implantation and other applications.

As a company that has been deeply engaged in the field of additive manufacturing for 23 years, Uniontech will continue to uphold the concept of "customer-centred" and take innovation as the basis for development, and will put more innovative achievements into the market to promote the high-speed development of the field of additive manufacturing.


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