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UnionTech Dental 3D Printer S300+ at IDS 2023, International Dental Show in Cologne, Germany

The biennial International Dental Show, will take place in Cologne, Germany from March 14 to 18, 2023. The five-day exhibition will showcase the latest products, developments, and trends in the dental industry.

Uniontech, a leading provider of digital solutions for dental 3D printing, will showcase our latest products and technologies at IDS 2023, one of the world's top dental exhibitions, in collaboration with global dental brands, to envision the future of dentistry.


Dental 3D Printer S300+ at IDS 2023

With more than 20 years of professional expertise in the 3D printing industry, UnionTech has been continuously empowering dental healthcare. Recently, at the IDS 2023, UnionTech launched its latest product. The S300+ is a new generation of ultra-efficient 3D printer based on the high-precision DLP dental-specific S300 printer. It is expected to become a star product in the dental application market, capable of printing high-quality dental models, such as restoration models, implant models, surgical guides, temporary crowns and bridges, orthodontic models, and more. The S300+ has already received positive feedback from users and is now being used by over 1,000 dental laboratories and clinics worldwide. The quality of our products is reliable. We have custom selections of various stereolithography 3d printers in stock. Welcome to inquiry stereolithography 3d printer price.

Upgraded to Lightweight Aluminum Platform

EvoDent DLP Dental 3D Printer S300+ used aerospace materials for lightweight printing platform, the efficiency of face exposure is significantly increased, and printing speed is improved by 50%.

Heating Circulation System

There is an intelligent heating circulation system in the EvoDent Dental 3D Printer S300+, which ensures constant temperature inside the printing chamber, increasing the printer stability by 80%.

Large-Format Fully Automatic Dental 3D Printer

Built-in with the Unionfab ONE system, the slicing software can be opened easily with one click. Compared to the first-generation S300, the EvoDent Dental 3D Printer S300+ uses optical path sealing technology, which greatly enhances the service life of the optical machine.

From the Dental Laboratory to the Clinic, Innovation Never Stops

For many years, UnionTech has been focused on its continued development and deepening its presence in the field of dentistry, providing convenient and efficient 3D printing solutions for dental professionals, including industrial SLA printers, software, and dental materials that can adapt to the development of digital dentistry. Uniontech's EvoDent brand aims to use professional 3D printing technology to change dental processing, and define the application standards of digital 3D printing in dentistry, to ensure the better results for customers.

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