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The New Product UONE from UnionTech for Hospital Outpatient Clinics

Accurate, efficient, intelligent and reliable is evodent's commitment to its dental customers. UONE is not just a printer, it is a complete chair-side digital 3D printing solution built with the printer as a carrier.

With the development of the economy and the increasing maturity of technology, more and more dental clinics and hospitals have achieved digital transformation.

The use of digitisation has brought about a change in dental care delivery. This is something that has been proven in practice and has formed a broad consensus.

The introduction of the mouth scan and CBCP allows the surgeon to perform a precise analysis of the anatomy and bone quality and quantity, greatly reducing the risk of the procedure.

The digitisation of oral data acquisition enhances experience of the patient and avoids the discomfort caused to patients by silicone impressions.

Previously, the possibility of damaged, lost or inaccurate impressions, resulting in the need for patients to make multiple visits to the clinic to obtain the impressions, will no longer occur.



The current focus of attention has gradually changed from whether to digitize to how to digitize, and how to achieve digital transformation in a low-cost, convenient, fast and effective way.

3D printing is driving the digitalization of dentistry to usher in the second development climax.

Without chair-side 3D printing, surgical guides and temporary crowns need to be ordered and produced by the mechanic and mailed to the clinic.

So even if the patient's condition permits, the implant cannot be placed on the same day of his or her appointment and the aesthetics of the anterior region cannot be restored.


And with 3D printing, the doctor can have an implant guide in half an hour and a temporary crown in an hour at the most.

Patients are seen on the same day and implants are placed on the same day. The use of whole section models allows the doctor will better communicate the plan with the patient, involving the patient in the development of the plan and increasing confidence in the treatment.


3D printing helps doctors to achieve instant restorations and implants, effectively collaborating with dentists, shortening the frequency and length of patient visits and reshaping the medical process. Patients can experience tailor-made and precise medical treatment in comfort.


The EVODENT chairside digital 3D printing solution includes printers, data processing software, post-processing equipment and materials to meet the needs of almost all clinical applications in the three main areas of implantology, orthodontics and prosthetics.



The overall compactness of the UONE, with its curved shape, soft contours and smiling light band, conveys a sense of warmth that brings the machine and the person closer together, suggesting that dental treatment is a worry-free and enjoyable process.

The UONE has an open door detection function that stops the light cast when the door is opened, preventing blue light from causing discomfort to the eyes. With a built-in air filtration system, there is no need to worry about possible odours from the resin. The operating surface has an ergonomic beveled design.UONE is people-oriented, detail-oriented and blends naturally into the outpatient and hospital environment.


Through in-depth research and face-to-face communication with doctors and medical assistants, we have learnt that doctors usually have such a doubt when choosing 3D printing, can it be learned easily? Is it complicated to operate?


One of the core concepts of UONE's product design is to simplify the complexity. Through the customised development of software and hardware, doctors and medical assistants are freed from the original complexities of data processing and device operation, and can return and focus on healthcare itself.


In the past, the data processing software used for 3D printing was not designed specifically for dentistry, there was a lot of redundancy in the functions and the logic of the operation was so engineered that it was quite difficult for doctors and medical assistants to master it.

The automation software, evodent one, is a simple and easy-to-use interface that does not dazzle the user. With flow card and guided operation, there is no need to remember the operation steps, just follow the prompts and choose to perform foolish operations to complete the data processing.


Evodent one has data checking and repair functions to help doctors keep an eye on the front-end data.

Data typesetting and support additions can all be done intelligently with one click. There is no need for the operator to invest a lot of time and effort. Once the data has been processed, there is no need for a USB stick copy. Evodent One supports one-click remote sending.


Some clinics have the printer arranged separately in the technician's room, which is separate from the consultation room. After the doctor has received confirmation of the plan, and after one-click data processing, the data can be sent directly to the device without leaving the consultation room, and the medical assistant can complete the printing.

The Uone supports both remote and local job launch modes, and can be launched remotely via Evodent One, or can be operated from this end of the device to launch print jobs.



The UONE's device interface is equally simple and the control logic is equally straightforward. In the task list, select the data to be printed and click Start.The round sliding doors of the UONE turn the moulding compartment into an open space, making handling very convenient.The pallets are leveling-free, saving the trouble of commissioning the machine.The snap-on fixing makes daily attempts to operate effortless .UONE has a striking status light that gives real-time feedback on the status of the device, so you don't need to get close to it, you can tell from a distance whether the printing is complete or the device is idle.


The outpatient application scenario requires a printer that can switch between applications. One has just finished printing an occlusal pad and the next may be printing temporary teeth.Frequent material switching is a basic feature of use, the EVODENT ONE simply makes the corresponding selection in the material library and the system automatically matches the process package. The printer resin tank is a plug-and-play design and can be quickly changed within ten seconds.


The curing box applies pre-set parameters to different materials at the simple touch of a button. There is no need to set light intensity and curing time, we have simplified the design from the entire process to make use as simple as possible.The UONE chairside solution is efficient and precise, intelligent and reliable. With a print area of 143 mm * 80 mm, the UONE is easily capable of printing everyday tasks.


Printing of general surgical guides can be completed in 20 minutes and temporary crowns in 30 to 50 minutes, dramatically reducing patient waiting times.We developed an aberration correction algorithm to control the combined aberration to within 28 microns. Masking of the image results in optical uniformity higher than 93%. An anti-aliasing algorithm is also overlaid to reduce detail distortion.The introduction of intelligent pattern recognition makes it possible to add support points in a more rational way.


With the support of powerful technology, the UONE achieves both high precision and high surface quality, with a printing accuracy of 0.05 mm, perfectly reproducing the patient's intraoral information, effectively ensuring the fit and aesthetics of the crown and bridge, and the tight fixation and precise guidance of the guide ring of the implant guide.



The UONE uses an industrial grade optical engine, which is stable and durable, and the AI-based intelligent calculation of the peeling strategy makes the printing speed reach the leading level in its class, while greatly increasing the life of the resin tank, which can reach more than 70,000 layers, and only needs to be replaced once every two months under the regular use intensity of the clinic, which is a very low cost for a single use, and has a power correction function, which makes the printer still reliable for long-term use


The UONE development is equipped with a wide range of dental materials, including orthodontic models, implant models, memory models, implant guides, temporary crown bridges and artificial gingiva, as well as supporting almost all mainstream third party materials for almost all clinical applications.


Founded in 2000, Shanghai Liantai has a reliable treatment guarantee system, has been deeply involved in the dental industry for many years, and was the first company to carry out 3D printing in dentistry in China, with a deep knowledge of the industry's needs.


We have a comprehensive after-sales management system, providing sophisticated and professional training to our customers and responding to their needs 24 hours a day.

Choose UnionTech, choose UONE, we are sure to bring you a satisfying chairside digital experience.


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