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What is the difference between industrial grade 3D printers and ordinary ones?

With the continuous development of additive manufacturing technology, related terms such as "desktop 3D printer", "professional 3D printer", "industrial 3D printer" are emerging in endlessly in the 3D printing market. This state of "letting a hundred flowers bloom" makes it difficult for many buyers to distinguish the advantages of various types of equipment. The most controversial one is "the difference between industrial-grade 3D printers and ordinary 3D printers."

Before understanding industrial-grade 3D printers, we first need to be clear about the basic concept of 3D printers. The so-called 3D printer, also known as three-dimensional printer, it is the use of additive manufacturing this rapid prototyping technology to achieve the final construction of the target object layer by layer printing a manufacturing tool, such as the Martrix190, U One, and other types of equipment belong to the 3D printer. Industrial-grade 3D printers are a kind of high-level equipment based on the upgrading and innovation of printing efficiency, printing accuracy, printing stability and other aspects. Commonly speaking, industrial-grade 3D printers are more demanding than ordinary 3D printers, and are the advanced version of ordinary 3D printers, such as Lite600, Lite800 and other devices under UnionTech.


UnionTech Professional Grade 3D Printer Martrix190


UnionTech Dental 3D Printer U One

When it comes to the difference between industrial-grade 3D printers and ordinary 3D printers, a simple distinction can be made between two major aspects of equipment performance and application scenarios:

Performance difference:

Ordinary 3D printers, especially some purely for personal entertainment needs of the device, the printing accuracy, printing speed and equipment life requirements are low, the use of various types of accessories are also cheaper, the technology is more shallow, so the finished product of 3D printing is also more rough, and equipment failure frequency is higher.

Industrial-grade 3D printers used by the accessories and technology is more professional, to UnionTech's industrial-grade 3D printing equipment - Lite Series, for example. In the choice of equipment accessories, it adopts professional imported accessories, equipped with industrial-grade AI intelligent algorithms and bad parts monitoring function, which can improve the quality of 3D printing from precision, efficiency, performance and other dimensions, and effectively extend the service life of the equipment.


UnionTech Industrial Grade 3D Printer Lite Series

Meanwhile, in terms of technology, the industrial-grade 3D printer has self-created laser scanning auto-calibration technology and variable spot technology, which makes the calibration accuracy in the printing process greatly improved. Together with the original micron-level level control system, it can achieve fast and stable adjustment and control of the coating system, which in turn effectively reduces the level adjustment time and significantly improves the printing efficiency, making the printing precision more excellent and the surface layer grain line more even and delicate.


UnionTech's industrial-grade 3D printer self-developed technology

Application difference:

Ordinary 3D printers due to its own cost and technical shackles, most of its application scenarios for personal/family recreational use, unable to meet the industrialised high-volume, high-precision production needs and large-size overall printing needs, so the application of the equipment is greatly limited.

Industrial 3D printers, with their large format and specialised technology design, can easily achieve the industrial end of the enterprise's large format overall printing, small batch printing and other types of production needs. It can be widely used in many fields such as hand plate manufacturing, electronics and electrical appliances, automotive manufacturing, aerospace, architectural design, toys and animation, cultural creativity, precision casting, auxiliary medical and so on.


UnionTech Industrial Grade 3D Printer-Footwear Application


UnionTech Industrial Grade 3D Printer-Automotive Applications


UnionTech Industrial Grade 3D Printer-Medical Applications


UnionTech Industrial Grade 3D Printer-Jewellery Applications

In addition to the above differences, industrial-grade 3D printers and ordinary 3D printers are significantly different in terms of adaptable materials, software support, etc., which can be found in the product and material matrix of U for a detailed understanding.(  )As the earliest group of well-known enterprises involved in the 3D printing market, UnionTech has a more in-depth and comprehensive understanding of industrial-grade 3D printers. In the future, it will bring us more unknown surprises by virtue of its inexhaustible technological innovation.

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