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3D Printing Empowers China's Film Industry CCTV takes a look at the fantastical linkage between UnionTech and The Wandering Earth 2


The movie "The Wandering Earth 2" has created a huge storm upon its release, with its cool and shocking special effects successfully overturning fans' traditional perception of Chinese science fiction movies, causing many netizens to give high praise such as "comparable to Hollywood blockbusters" after watching it, as domestic science fiction films are rising to prosperity!


Behind these glorious achievements is the help of the Chinese manufacturing industry. Many of the props in the film, such as the "digital life card", were made by UnionTech's 3D printers, and their excellent quality and stunning effects were even reported on CCTV news!

During the filming of the movie, the crew of Wandering Earth had very strict requirements for the props. Not only did they have to deliver the props within the time limit, but they also had to ensure the quality of the props and the actors' experience of using them, which is a major problem for traditional manufacturing techniques. When everyone was at a loss, Yang Xu, the production director of the art team, immediately thought of using 3D printing technology to complete the task after clarifying the requirements, which would guarantee the delivery time on the one hand, and give unlimited space for creativity on the other. As one of the first companies in China to get involved in the 3D printing industry,UnionTech became the best choice!


CCTV interview in " The Wandering Earth" using UnionTech's 3D printers for prop printing


According to Mr Yang Xu, with UnionTech's 3D printers (lite600 & lite800), the drawings are simply transformed into a program language and recorded into the 3D printer, then the resin surface is sintered using a laser, and the layers are added to form the final product. This digital application not only greatly improves the overall production efficiency, but also makes the product more accurate and lighter, providing the actors with a more convenient and comfortable wearing and using experience.


Exquisite props for 'The Wandering Earth 2


It is reported that the crew designed more than 40 types of nuclear detonators, and with the support of uniontech 3d printer, it took only one and a half days to complete the production.


Model of props in "The Wandering Earth 2


(hereinafter referred to as Yuan Kai), which cooperated with Yang Xu's studio, is highly favoured in the field of hand-printed models based on its stable delivery, fast response and excellent technology. This cooperation in providing props for the crew quickly was also well received by the studio. Yuan Kai has been a partner of UnionTech for many years and holds more than 30 sets of UnionTech3D printers.UnionTech  has always been committed to the "customer-centric" concept, and work with customers to seek common development.

The 3D printers ofUnionTech are fortunate to participate in the production of props for Chinese science fiction films, and this two-way run of technology and science fiction brings not only a visual feast of special effects, but also the rise of China's "soft power" and "hard technology". In the future,  UnionTech's 3D printing technology will continue to empower China's film and television industry, helping the industry to climb higher and higher!


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