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Case Study: Zungui Luxury Club A low-key Luxury Space with 3D-printing Creative Lamps

Nowadays, 3D printing technology is increasingly widely used in architecture, industrial design and many other fields. In addition, the 3D printing technology that “turns the ordinary into the magic” and artistic creativity can also create different sparks of collision. In fact, 3D printing has stood out in the production of lamps for a long time. Zungui Luxury Club, an exclusive high-end pastry club in Shanghai, cooperates with Unionfab, a 3D printing service company of UnionTech, to produce beautiful osmanthus lamps by adopting the SLA 3D printing technology adhering to the concept of environmental sustainability.

3D printing creates a stylish environment

Dining at Zungui Luxury Club can not only arouse your appetite and satisfy your taste bud, but also bring you a multiple feast of smell and vision. The overall style of restaurant created by 3D printing is themed by “osmanthus”, which has refreshing fragrance and is incorporated in colorful osmanthus lamps to add artistic conception and create a low-key but luxurious dining atmosphere.

Case Study: Zungui Luxury Club A low-key Luxury Space with 3D-printing Creative Lamps

Zungui Luxury Club A low-key Luxury Space with 3D-printing Creative Lamps

A low-key Luxury Space with 3D-printing Creative Lamps

Osmanthus-style chandelier

3D-printing decorative arts applications

It seems that 3D printing technology is irrelevant to the words “art” and “romantic”, but UnionTech brings more possibilities to 3D printing in the applications of creativity and emerging industries.

3D-printing Creative Lamps

Small–batch production of SLA 3D printing

3D printing was often used for prototyping, but now small-batch production of 3D printing has been widely used due to the improvement of material properties and the gradual improvement of post-processing process technology.

low-key Luxury Space with 3D-printing Creative Lamps

White pearly-luster paint spraying process

Nowadays, 3D printing technology can manufacture specially designed products that cannot be made by conventional molds. The exquisiteness of 3D printed lamps is not inferior to the traditional manufacturing process, and 3D printing is more efficient and cost-effective in small-batch production. Compared with traditional technology, 3D printing technology achieves the more freely and faster produced specially designed or customized lamps and components, the enhanced rapid prototyping, the improved visual appeal and functions as well as the reduced costs.

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Key Luxury Space with 3D-printing Creative Lamps

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