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TCT Asia Review

May 26-28, 2021, TCT Asia Exhibition was held in Hall 7.1 of Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. TCT Asia is currently the largest 3D printing technology professional exhibition in Asia, with an exhibition area of more than 20,000 square meters and more than 300 exhibitors. Its exhibitors offer end-to-end solutions ranging from 3D scanning, engineering software, additive manufacturing equipment, and post-processing. UnionTech brought a new material, new equipment, and new application conference called "Future Coming" at the D40 booth. There were 11 expert speeches and exquisite gifts at our booth. Together with more than 220 outstanding companies in the industry around the world, we jointly performed a special exhibition of 3D printing additive manufacturing technology.

TCT Asia Review

Opening speech

Asia Review

Mr. Wang Chao, Director and Deputy General Manager of UnionTech

Mr. Wang Chao, director and deputy general manager of UnionTech, first gave an opening speech with the theme "Future Coming". In view of the development of the 3D printing industry, Mr. Wang summarized the development trend. He said that there will be a vast area in the future. The market, its development speed has surpassed our imagination.

Evonik and UnionTech Sign 2021 Strategic Cooperation Agreement

TCT Review

Hong Fuchao, Commercial Director of Evonik Additive Manufacturing and Material Solutions Asia Pacific,

Mr. Wang Chao, Director and Deputy General Manager of UnionTech, attended the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement

The cooperation between Evonik and UnionTech has been deepened. From product development, technological innovation to commercial cooperation, we have worked side by side to establish a stable, healthy and in-depth cooperative relationship. At the TCT Asia Expo site, Evonik and UnionTech Technology signed the 2021 strategic cooperation agreement. Hong Fuchao, Commercial Director of Evonik Additive Manufacturing and Material Solutions Asia Pacific, and Mr. Wang Chao, Director and Deputy General Manager of UnionTech, attended the signing ceremony. . In addition, Mr. Hong and Mr. Wang gave affirmation and further instructions on the cooperation between the two parties all the time.

Evonik is a German specialty chemicals company that will subscribe for shares of Shanghai UnionTech Technology Co., Ltd. through its venture capital department in 2020. With the launch of new products and the cooperation with UnionTech, Evonik is enhancing the ability to reliably develop and manufacture high-performance photosensitive resin materials, and will further expand its business activities in the field of light curing technology.

Keynote speeches

During this exhibition, we invited seven major global materials giants, namely Evonik, Covestro, BASF, Henkel, Liqcreate, Adaptive 3D, and Synthetic to jointly showcase the future development trend of the 3D printing industry. Together we lead the healthy development of the industry ecology and talk about the future of 3D printing. The UnionTech booth had a total of 11 keynote speeches, and the venues were all full.

TCT Asia Review Keynote Speeches

Dr. Jiang Jinhua from Evonik shared [Introduction of Evonik's high-performance 3D printing photosensitive resin]

TCT Asia Review Speeches

Di Jialiang, Technical Sales Manager of BASF (China) Co., Ltd. shares [BASF 3D Printing Solution: Helping Industrialization of Additive Manufacturing]

11 presentations on 3D printing

UnionTech has invited seven global material giants, Evonik, Covestro, BASF, Henkel, Liqcreate, Adaptive 3D, and Synthetic, to jointly discuss the future development trend of 3D printing industry, lead the healthy development of industry ecology, and discuss the future of 3D printing. In this year's TCT Asia Exhibition, we have arranged 11 wonderful speeches to unlock the latest and freshest 3D printing industry information!

4 new products were released

Four new products were unveiled at this year's TCT Asia show by UnionTech. They are: D800, a fully automated mass production 3D printer for orthodontics, which is a new exploration of fully automated production by UnionTech; The next generation Lite600, which is a combination of 20 years of wisdom from UnionTech. FLX300, which is our research and development results for LCD printers, and also our first desktop LCD product. E140, an economical EvoDentE series 3D printer for dentistry, can be used for immediate repair, implantation, invisible orthodontics, etc.

TCT Asia Review 4 New Products Were Released

TCT Asia Review Products Were Released


D800 is a fully automated dedicated orthodontic 3D printer for small-batch production.It can realize automatic shoveling, automatic recycling, automatic resin refilling, automatic typesetting and automatic printing. It is a truly unattended automatic intelligent 3D printer.

1. Automatic shoveling

Patented technology: By cogging the

precise structure with biomimetically based

mechanical characteristics, the peeling force

during automatically shoveling is extremely

low. Therefor we can ensure that there is no

model deformation after completing collection

in the model box to guaranty brilliant final


2. Automatic recycling:

Through intelligent detection the printer

determines the correct placement of the

collection box. That way the automatically

recycling of dental models can get realized.

The ‘build in filter’ in the model collection

box tank assures the diligent cleaning of the

surplus material that will then get returned

to the main resin circulation.

3. Automatic resin refilling

Realize automated resin refilling for each

device by central supply reservoir connected

to the printers.

Manage all printers individually by our automatic

resin refilling module connected direct to the


4. Automatic typesetting:

Polydevs Pro is a powerfull

3D-printing pre-processing software.

After data-import there is access to

the one click nesting module as well

as to the automatic slicing module,

followed by direct exporting the

generated file.

5. Automatic printing:

UnionFab Industrial Internet Cloud

is the manufacturing platform for

cloud-based 3D printing. It’s including

intelligent production scheduling, auxiliary

data model repair and remote equipment

monitoring as well as equipment health

management, production data analysis

and full-process standardized management.

TCT Asia Review The New Generation Lite600

The new generation Lite600

1. Small

The new generation Lite600 reduces the size of the equipment, reduces footprint and reduces transportation costs. The advantages of small batch manufacturing are more prominent through upgrading in optics, electrical, control soft parts and appearance. It optimizes the overall structure, cancels the marble base, uses the carbon steel structure instead. The overall structure is more stable. It optimizes more than 100 structures and strives for excellence everywhere. Part modularity was redesigned to reduce the number of parts by more than 10%. The stability, durability and service life of the parts have been improved. Modular design is simple and easy to maintain, and the quality of after-sales service is better.

2. Intelligent

RSCON 6.0 has greatly improved its software control system. It is compatible with Materialise Magics, UnionTech BPC, PolyDevs and other pre-processing software.

3. Platform

It deeply integrates UnionFab, a SaaS platform for 3D printing cloud manufacturing, to realize equipment interconnection, enterprise interconnection and business interconnection, which can help 3D printing factories to complete intelligent upgrading quickly and at low cost

4. No disassembly, no assembly, no calibration design

Disassembly and assembly free, greatly simplifying the process and improving the delivery efficiency. The control platform is changed to embedded, which can be pulled out by side rotation when used. Alarm lights can also be rotated, reducing packaging requirements.

The New Generation FLX300


It is our latest research and development for LCD 3D printer, and also our first desktop LCD product.

FLX derives its name from Flex. Compared with SLA products, it is smaller in size. In the office environment, development and innovation, clinical research, small batch manufacturing and teaching assistance application scenarios, it can help customers nimbly grasp the inspiration and timely needs of customers, to provide rapid response of 3D printing services. It is characterized by:

1. Adopt stereoscopic light-curing LCD under projection technology and array UV LED as light source (405nm) to ensure the production efficiency and quality.

2. The normal service life of 4K LCD screen is up to 5000h.

3. The LCD screen adopts the overall replacement mode, which can be easily replaced by a single person.

4. LED light source adopts modular design, open door cabinet structure design, and equipped with 40PPI dustproof filter cotton, convenient to replace the light source and dustproof.

5. The overall cabinet integrated three-dimensional design, equipped with 10.1inch capacitive touch screen and embedded industrial PC.

6. Z-axis adopts high precision double slider module, the precision grade reaches P, and the repeated positioning accuracy is within ±3um.

7. The material tank adopts the replaceable film technology to reduce the separation force, increase the success rate of printing and reduce the use cost of customers.

8. The printing bin is equipped with a heating closed-loop control system to control the temperature of the printing environment in real time.

9. The equipment supports two printing modes: ordinary printing and ultra-fast printing. The molding efficiency is 24-40mm/h.

The New Generation E140


Its precision and high efficiency open a new era of dentistry. It is an economical 3D printer for the EvoDentE series of dentistry, capable of immediate repair, implantation, invisible orthodontics, etc.

1. It has large molding size and high precision, and can be used for printing implantation models. The interface is simple, easy to operate, with a high precision of 50um, perfect presentation of design details.

2. It is simple to use, with one - button printing, simple operation, user-friendly design.

3. The large screen realizes the original 10.1inch touch screen control.

4. Fast, economical and practical, fast printing speed, only 25 minutes for 6 orthodontic models.

5. More compatible, free of charge to provide 6+ materials process package, and compatible with other third-party molding materials.

We sincerely invite you to come to booth D40, Hall 7.1, National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) from May 26th to 28th.

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