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Why Did The 3D-printing Service Company Choose G1800

Customer Reference
Tianlu 3D Technology Co., LTD (Tianlu 3D)
Danyang, Kunshan

Main fields: auto parts, handicrafts, Garage Kits of cartoon figures, etc.
Equipment used: UnionTech G1800, etc.

Enterprise mission:  Quality makes the brand while integrity builds the future

Why Did The 3d-printing Service Company Choose G1800

01 First Exposure to 3D Printing

It can be dated back to 2008 when Mr. XU, general manager of Danyang Tianlu 3D Technology Co., LTD, first knew 3D printing. In the following years, the 3D printing industry had developed rapidly. He discovered the business opportunity and founded Tianlu 3D Technology Company in 2016. In just a few years, the company has developed rapidly and begun to take shape, mainly serving the East China market.
Quality and integrity are the management philosophy of XU, and also the development approach of Tianlu. Since the early stage of enterprise development, Tianlu 3D has firmly chosen UnionTech 3D printers, from the initial RS6000 to G1800. XU said that UnionTech 3D printers would always be their first choice.

Why Did The 3d-printing Service Company

02 Why to choose G1800 so firmly?

In the industrial field, parts that are not easy to detect, such as soft parts, parts easy to deform and parts with complex curved surface, are often used. Part of the automobile industry and large household appliances have high requirements on the printing size, precision and quality of the product outer shell, which requires large-format 3D printers to complete. UnionTech G1800, a large 3D printer with multiple galvanometric scanners, is undoubtedly the best choice.

1. It breaks the size limit.
G1800 is a 3D printing equipment for R&D and production launched by UnionTech, aiming to enhance the core competitiveness of automobile, household appliances and other industries. With the model build envelope of 1800×900×600mm, it can be used for R&D and production of auto parts, air conditioning panel, washing machine panel & roller and other large equipment and accessories.
XU said, “One of the common defects of rapid prototyping 3D printing is that the size of the prototype piece is limited by the 3D printing equipment. But UnionTech G1800 can break through the size limit and meet the printing requirements of our daily-used auto parts, as well as large auto parts such as front bumper, grille, center console, rear bumper and dashboard.”

2. The utilization rate of G1800 is high.
Due to the improvement of the format to be suitable for both large and small prototype pieces, the utilization rate of large 3D printing equipment is usually very high. G1800 is also one of the equipment with the highest utilization rate of Tianlu 3D. Its two G1800 printers work continually without stop.
The energy efficiency of customized large-format 3D printing equipment is more environmental-friendly, because it can shape up one time without splicing, so as to ensure the molding speed of products, improve the quality and make the product details more accurate. It is worth mentioning that the unique detachable design of the split electric control cabinet and sheet metal cover of G1800 make the come-in, go-out and placement of the equipment very flexible, so that it can easily transport through small and medium-sized freight elevator.

3. It boasts both efficiency and stability.
The main advantage of 3D printing for many industries is that it breaks through the design limitations of products, greatly shortens the product development cycle, and greatly reduces the R&D cost, synchronizes the development and improves the reliability of new products. At the same time, the requirements for 3D printing equipment would also increase. G1800 has perfectly met customers’ requirements for efficiency and stability.

03 Development of Future GK Factories

XU mentioned the development and prospects of future GK factories, and affirmed the future development of 3D printing service market, because global 3D printing industry has welcomed rapid development in recent years. Currently, 3D printing applications in China are mainly concentrated in such fields as household appliances, consumer electronics, mold testing, medical treatment and dental orthodontics, automotive and other vehicles, aerospace and more. 1. The development of additive manufacturing technologies accelerates, and the replacement and iteration of equipment speeds up. A new round of technological and industrial revolution is emerging around the world. Countries all over the world have regarded additive manufacturing as a new growth point of future industrial development, which promotes the accelerated integration of additive manufacturing technology with information network technology, new material technology and new design concept. The replacement and iteration of 3D printing equipment speed up. Both the speed and precision have been enhanced, which invisibly adds many fixed costs to the 3D printing service industry. In order to keep up with the development of technology and the industry, the 3D printing service industry needs to constantly develop new 3D printing equipment and eliminate the old equipment in time. 2. The elimination rate of equipment is high, and there are later equipment maintenance costs. The quality of 3D printing equipment on the market varies. The later equipment maintenance of some brands is particularly complex and expensive. However, both the efficiency and the stability of UnionTech 3D printing equipment are excellent. The RS6000 equipment that Tianlu 3D bought many years ago is still in service. 3. The market competition is becoming more and more fierce.
With the more and more widespread use of 3D printing technology, users can have better user experience, so as to promote this technology more widely. It is the guarantee of popularization to make the equipment more intelligent and convenient.
4. Industry supervision has been strengthened to promote the standardized development of the industry.
With the rapid development of the industry, the development of the industry has entered a new stage, and the supervision has continued to improve. In the future, a number of policies will be introduced to promote the standardized development of the industry and maintain the market order.

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