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3D Printing Technology DLP Light-Curing Moulding Technology

DLP technology, as another category of 3D printing technology, has similarities with SLA technology. It is the same in the use of light-curing resin materials, but different from the printing light source differences. How does the surface light source used in DLP work compared to the point light source of SLA? What are its high points in the field of 3D printing?

First, the principle of DLP 3D printing technology:

Digital Light Processing (DLP) refers to digital light processing rapid prototyping technology. Its main use of DLP projector will be sliced after the model layer by layer projected onto the resin, each layer of the projected image in the resin layer is very thin in the area of curing into a thin layer, the forming table to move a layer, continue to the next layer of curing, and so on and so forth, until the overall printing can be completed.


 DLP3D Printing Technology to Print Dental Moulds

Second, DLP3D printing technology advantages:

Wide print format, compared with the SLM3D printing technology point light source, DLP3D printing technology, surface light source design to print the model of the format has been effectively expanded, can be printed in a wider range of sizes.

High printing accuracy and low distortion rate: the development of DLP optical system reduces optical distortion to a very low level, and with the automatic calibration technology, it can complete the size correction function with high efficiency and high precision. The high resolution makes the surface of the finished product more silky smooth and makes the subsequent processing work easier.


DLP3D printing technology to print jewellery products

Fast printing speed, compared with the transition from point to line and then to surface of SLA3D printing technology, the one-time forming of DLP3D printing technology makes the printing process faster and more efficient, so that it can better meet the market demand for quantitative and refined production!


DLP3D Printing Technology Prints Precision Casting Parts

In the face of the ever-growing market demand, DLP light-curing moulding technology needs to continue to innovate and upgrade in the future development! Whether it is the expansion of the printing format, the operation of the power to improve the optimisation and maintenance of the core components are 3D printing technology in the future development of the top priority! In the environment of science and technology to promote manufacturing, 3D printing technology will become the main force of industrial upgrading and reform, in the future, it will live up to expectations and bring more surprises to the application field!

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