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EvoDent E140 Precisely Targets the Continuously Growing Market for Dental Applications

The E140 has been upgraded from the E120 iteration. Inheriting the mature and reliable features of its predecessor, the E140 has a larger moulding size and higher moulding precision for implant printing.The E140 Dental 3D Printer effectively supports the development of your digital business by shortening the process time, reducing the manual errors and saving the material cost, and it has more possibilities of applications that will enable you to gain more benefits.

With 20 years of exploration of 3D printing technology, we are still developing and upgrading our products according to different customers' needs, and the new upgraded E140 3D printer will bring you more experience.


EvoDent E140

Aesthetically attractive, larger size

The E140 has been upgraded from the E120 with new technology that allows it to be moulded in larger sizes, more efficiently, and in a simple and aesthetically pleasing design.

High Accuracy

Our core technology lies in the precise control of printing accuracy, which depends not only on the XY resolution and pixel size of the printer, but also on the performance of various components, all of which contribute to our control of accuracy. the E140 can be used for implant printing that requires higher accuracy.

Powerful Software Upgrade

The new Polydevs Pro, BPC pre-processing software has a simple and intuitive interface and is easy to operate, which effectively shortens the pre-processing data processing time; UnionTech™ DSCON operating software is more powerful, with IOT function, and effectively improves the printing efficiency.

01 Visual window

02 Resin tank replacement is easy and quick

03 Increased print width

04 10.1 inch touch screen control

05 Support Ethernet, WiFi, U disk three kinds of data transfer mode

The E140 has a wide range of applications. With 62.5um high definition XY resolution, it brings out the detailed features in CAD design better.

E140 meets your digital expectations

Full support for digital processes

Digital impressions have changed the traditional workflow in dentistry, making the overall process more efficient and the treatment experience more comfortable for patients. As part of a digital dental solution, the printing of high quality restorative models and other applications will be essential, and the E140 is perfectly suited to meet your requirements.

High-precision performance for implant applications

Implantology and surgical guides have been used in digital dentistry for a long time. With the help of high-precision printing technology, the E140 still performs extremely well with individualised solutions for implant restorations.

Flexibility in manufacturing

The high-quality production and digital design preview features of 3D printing technology make on-site fabrication possible, saving time and costs in shipping. Indirect bonding technology for orthodontic brackets, for example, can be designed by a technician and printed for use directly in the clinic.

UnionTech Digital Dental Solutions

Intelligent typesetting

Intelligent data system for 3D printing, developed specifically for dentistry, integrates automatic nesting and adding support functions, automatic layering, support for Wifi file transfer, and can support the work of multiple 3D printers at the same time.

User-friendly design

The EvoDent series of 3D printing systems are compact, easy to operate and highly flexible, making them suitable for any work scenario.

Environmentally friendly

The independent cleaning and curing system simplifies the workflow as much as possible, from picking up and placing the printing pallets, to fixing the resin tanks and even cleaning up the residues, making it more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Comprehensive digital solutions

From CAD design to the finished 3D printed product, EvoDent has a full range of 3D printing solutions designed to change the way dentistry is processed with specialised 3D printing technology, defining the standard for digital 3D printing in dentistry and guaranteeing the best results you expect.

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