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UnionTech and Evonik launch high-performance DLP 3D printing material INFINAM® RG 3101 L

Photopolymer materials, especially DLP materials, are one of the most widely used 3D printing materials. In recent years, the world material giant Evonik and 3D printing head company UnionTech have jointly developed a series of photopolymer materials suitable for 3D printing, which has greatly promoted the development of DLP printing.

INFINAM® RG 3101 L is a member of Evonik's family of high-performance 3D printing photosensitive resins. Parts printed with it exhibit good mechanical properties and surface quality, along with excellent thermal deformation resistance and stability. Its comprehensive properties are close to the characteristics of machined engineering plastics (injection molding materials), and can be used in many industries, such as electronic products, automobile industry, medical industry, industrial products and aerospace industry. Its high performance makes it suitable for direct printing of end-application accessories such as electronic connectors, assembly parts, housings, and high-precision industrial parts.

High-quality print results were achieved using INFINAM® RG 3101 L on UnionTech's industrial DLP 3D printer, Cute300, verifying its good overall performance.

For a long time, in the field of DLP photosensitive resin materials, it has been a technical problem to have both heat resistance and mechanical properties. INFINAM® RG3101 L has excellent thermal stability with a heat distortion temperature of 80°C. It has very comprehensive mechanical properties. Its strength reaches 50-60 MPa. Notched impact strength reaches 40-50 J/m. The elongation reaches 25-35%.

Weather resistance is a common problem of ordinary photosensitive resins. After 800 hours of indoor and outdoor exposure testing, INFINAM® RG3101 L maintains mechanical and environmental stability, well maintained elongation at break and notched impact strength.

Cute300 and INFINAM® RG 3101 L high-performance DLP printing solutions enable fast and efficient low-volume manufacturing. Compared with ABS-like materials of the same toughness, the temperature resistance of RG 3101 L is the highest on the market. It has excellent aging resistance and fatigue resistance, and its temperature resistance does not decrease within eight years of indoor aging conditions, and its toughness remains above 90%.

Electronic appliances

3D printing technology can directly transform 3D design models into real products. Compared with traditional manufacturing methods, it is more suitable for making small batches of customized products and products with complex shapes. For example, some electronic and electrical housings and built-in parts, internal and external components of household appliances, connectors, smart phone casings, computers, air conditioners, printer casings and built-in components, etc.

Automobile industry

The 3D printing applications in the automotive field are not limited to prototyping. With the rapid development and transformation of the automobile industry, especially the sudden emergence of new energy vehicles, lightweight and rapid small-batch production has become one of the core topics. Cute300 and INFINAM® RG 3101 L are suitable for functional proof and low-volume production of auto parts and components. For example, automotive pillars, instrument front covers, grilles, interior and exterior trim integrations, non-safety connectors, etc.

Consumer goods

Because of its characteristics, 3D printing technology can display more space in the field of industrial consumer goods. For example, robots, drone parts, cosmetic packaging materials such as lipstick tubes, high-end customized home decoration, connectors, bicycle parts, glasses frames, etc.

The development of new photosensitive resin materials will help to enrich the types of printing materials, improve the accuracy and strength of 3D printing, and further promote the development of light-curing 3D printing technology. The joint R&D laboratory of UnionTech and Evonik will continue to deepen the research and development and application of new materials for 3D printing, help the additive manufacturing industry overcome technical challenges, and provide the industry with sustainable development momentum and technical foundation.

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