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The Future Development Direction of DLP 3D Printing

1. Break through the format limit

At present, due to the monopoly of chip technology in individual countries, the development of DLP technology is restricted. The size of industrial DLP 3D printers on the market has obvious limitations, and the format problem needs to be solved urgently.

Different fields have different requirements for formats. For example, UnionTech's fully automated mass-produced orthodontic 3D printer D800 has a format of 768×432×30mm and uses a 4*4K optical machine to meet the large-format printing needs of the orthodontic industry. . UnionTech’s dental DLP 3D printer S300 has a format of 249.6×140.4×240mm, which meets the daily needs of laboratories and dental hospitals.

In the future, with the development of the chip industry, DLP printing equipment will tend to be larger format.

2. The power of DLP is still not high enough, which limits the development capabilities of material manufacturers

In the market, the current maximum power of DLP stand-alone reaches 6-8W. The problem of insufficient design power limits the development capabilities of material manufacturers, and at the same time, restricts the development of DLP printing technology.

How to improve power is our future development direction.

Knowledge popularization

Increased DLP power has these benefits:

· Increase printing speed, shorten exposure time, and print faster.

· Increase the printing format to meet the optical power density per unit area.

· Reduce restrictions on the development of high-performance materials. Some DLP materials can only be formed under the condition of high enough power, such as metal materials, ceramic materials and so on. The DLP materials in UnionTech include liqcreate premium model and liqcreate wax castable.

3. The service life and easy maintenance of core components are gradually strengthened

Optical machine is one of the core components of DLP printers. UnionTech has been working hard to prolong its service life. At the same time, for the maintenance of core components, UnionTech provides humanized services to reduce the difficulty of maintenance and replacement. The release film of DLP printers has also been continuously optimized with the development of technology, not only the service life is continuously extended, the replacement is more convenient and simple, and the cost of use is also continuously reduced.

4. The development of DLP printers tends to be at both ends, high-end industrial grade and low-end consumer grade

With the development of 3D printing technology and its penetration into various fields, the development of DLP printers is divided into two major fields, high-end industrial grade and low-end consumer grade. High-end industrial-grade printers pursue printing efficiency and fineness; consumer-grade DLP printers pursue cost-effectiveness and ease of operation. The development of industrial DLP 3D printers and China SLA 3D printers indicates that the new manufacturing industry is playing a revolutionary role in industrial development, and more and more disadvantages of the traditional manufacturing industry can be made up for. The emergence of desktop-level DLP 3D printers has brought 3D printing into the eyes of the general public, allowing more people to know and use 3D printing technology. It can be said that different 3D printing technologies and equipment are playing an irreplaceable role in various fields and making great contributions to society.

UnionTech professional 3D printing technology is reliable. There are various 3D printers such as industrial DLP 3D printer and SLA 3D printer for sale at bulk/wholesle prices in UnionTech. Welcome to consult us.

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