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Twenty Years of Deep Ploughing 3D Printing Industry Applications, Promote the Transformation and Upgrading of the Manufacturing Industry

Technology-based, twenty years to set industry benchmarks

3D printing, a kind of rapid prototyping technology, is essentially additive manufacturing technology, which is regarded as one of the important symbols of the third industrial revolution. In recent years, domestic and foreign 3D printing technology is booming, and has a wide range of applications in aerospace, biomedical engineering, industrial manufacturing and other aspects.

Although China's 3D printing started late, but has the world's large potential market for 3D printing, the future growth rate of China's 3D printing market size is expected to be higher than the global level. 2000-year-old UnionTech, one of China's first companies to enter the field of 3D printing, and the first company to successfully transform 3D printing technology from laboratory applications to commercial use, participated in and witnessed the main development process of China's 3D printing industry. It has participated in and witnessed the major development process of China's 3D printing industry. At the beginning of its establishment, the company formally entered the 3D printing market with its self-developed and produced UV curing 3D printers, and after just four years of development, its business line has expanded from the domestic market to the overseas market, and its business surface covers the whole world. At present, the company has more than 60% share of SLA 3D printing technology industrial customer base, to create a representative business card in the field of industrial 3D printing in China!

At the early stage of China's 3D printing industry, the market acceptance rate of 3D printing is low due to the influence of market environment and application environment. Mr Ma Jinsong, the general manager who comes from marketing, has a very high sensitivity to the market, and he believes that the key to develop the 3D printing market does not lie in the marketing means, but in finding the real needs of customers and meeting them, so as to enhance the market acceptance of 3D printing. With years of accumulated industry application experience, he has set up Industrial Application Division, Footwear Application Division, Dental Application Division, Education Application Division, and invested a lot of technical force and service force in each industry application, which has achieved one classic case after another. Ploughing into the 3D printing industry for more than twenty years, UnionTech has always regarded product technology as the basis of the foundation, through the market segmentation of industrial applications, according to the characteristics of the industrial applications to continuously improve the technology to update the product research and development, so that each product is targeted to meet the industrial applications, to solve the problems in the application chain. Industrial applications is the early involved in the application of UnionTech, its broader segments, such as aerospace, automotive manufacturing, electronics and electrical appliances, home furnishings, kitchen and bathroom, toys, construction, medical and other industries in-depth application, to promote the development of China's 3D printing industry has made a great contribution. Let's take a look back at some of the typical applications of UnionTech in the field of industrial manufacturing over the past twenty years.

Application is king, driving 3D printing industry development


In 2008, the first large-scale light-curing RS8000 of UnionTech was custom-made for Chengdu Aircraft Research Institute (611). It has played a great role in promoting the application of China's 3D printing technology in the aerospace field. Aerospace technology is a symbol of national defence strength, but also a form of national politics, countries around the world would like to try to develop newer weaponry at a faster rate to enhance their defence strength, especially aerospace manufacturing enterprises, but also to spend a lot of financial and material resources to increase R & D efforts to ensure that their own technological leadership. China's aerospace aerospace field is the introduction of 3D printing technology earlier in one of the industries, before entering this industry, did an in-depth market research, to strengthen the technical aspects of support, after in-depth development of industrial applications, UnionTech science and technology research and development of large-scale 3D printing equipment can meet the application needs, and Chengdu Aircraft Research Institute to reach a cooperation intention.


A 250kg guided bomb of the Air Force on display at the 2008 Zhuhai Airshow. The bomb is modified by adding a wing kit to the body of an existing old aerial bomb of the Air Force. After the bomb is released from the aircraft, the wing kit will automatically unfold, and the bomb will gain better aerodynamic performance due to the increase in lift area, which will significantly increase the range of the projectile. At the tail of the original bomb, an X-configuration control rudder has been added to manoeuvre the bomb to glide accurately towards the target by receiving satellite navigation signals.

Automobile Manufacturing

The automotive field is also one of the early application industries of UnionTech, the application of 3D printing in the automotive manufacturing industry is rapidly developing, whether it is car manufacturers, parts manufacturers or after-sales service providers, 3D printing has opened up a faster and more efficient innovation shortcut, so that enterprises are not subject to the limitations of the traditional manufacturing methods, and into the development of the fast lane. 2002 UnionTech combined with the characteristics of the industry demand, 3D printing technology into the field of automotive manufacturing, Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co. Ltd. is one of the typical application enterprises that UnionTech has cooperated with in the field of automobile manufacturing, and the introduction of this technology has successfully participated in and promoted the major transformation of JAC from a single truck manufacturer to a comprehensive automobile manufacturer.

At present UnionTech light curing 3D printing technology in the automotive R & D trial parts embodied in the automotive grille, automotive instrument panels, air conditioning piping, intake manifolds, hoods, decorative parts, lights, car tyres and so on.


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