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Surviving the Pain of Subtractive Manufacturing, Ushering in the Sweetness of Additive Manufacturing

As the market demand changes, the hand-made board market is gradually moving from the previous high-volume and long-cycle demand to customized and fast delivery demand. Mr. Xia Lixiang, the person in charge from Zhejiang Yuyao Hai Shuai Ling Model Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Hai Shuai Ling), has a deep understanding of this market demand. He chose to go along with UnionTech to follow the customer's demand and upgrade additive manufacturing from the traditional CNC process through the change of production mode to usher in a broader market.

Voice of the customer: The market is changing fast. Survive the pain of subtractive manufacturing and welcome the sweetness of additive manufacturing.

From a bowl of noodles to a banner

When it comes to UnionTech, what impresses Mr. Li-Xiang Xia most is Luen Thai's "Mission Accomplished" service.

In response to the customer's demand for large format, urgent delivery of printing, Hai Shuai Ling urgently needed to invest in highly efficient large format 3D printing equipment to quickly put the product into production and delivery. After learning that the delivery date of Haishualing's products was very urgent, UnionTech's service team colleague Wang Fei quickly went to Haishualing's company to assemble and debug.


UnionTech after-sales colleague Wang Fei debugging the Luen Thai G1400 3D printer.jpg

UnionTech after-sales colleague Wang Fei debugging the G1400 3D printer


Mr. Xia Lixiang recalled that at that time, UnionTech's service staff only rested for one hour for two consecutive days and nights from assembly to commissioning, and when they saw him working so hard, they cooked a bowl of noodles for him personally. Mr. Xia was moved by this spirit of "Mission Accomplished" and has since chosen to grow with such a company.

Hai Shuai Ling sent a banner to UnionTech.jpg

Hai Shuai Ling sent a banner to UnionTech


Recently, Mr. Xia Lixiang also sent a banner for UnionTech. This banner is not only the customer's affirmation of UnionTech, but also a better outlook for the future.


Speeding up the road from subtractive manufacturing to additive manufacturing

In the past, after receiving the demand for customer model orders, Hai Shuai Ling utilized the subtractive manufacturing process which required more than ten manual workers to work in three shifts, punching, drilling, planing, milling, grinding, sandblasting, laser, EDM and other processes, which was time-consuming and the accuracy of the finished products was low. The long lead time is the biggest problem, and because of the low speed, we are often called by customers again and again, and even lose orders as a result.



A factory with more than 40 people now only needs 4 people

Since the purchase of 3D printing equipment and the adoption of the additive manufacturing process, the original 40-strong factory now only requires four people, who can leave work on time, reducing labour costs and increasing staff happiness, while the accuracy of the finished product has also been greatly improved. The most difficult delivery issue has been secured, and according to Mr. Xia Lixiang, the overall delivery speed has been increased by more than three times using the additive manufacturing process.

Delivery speed increased by more than 3 times after UnionTech's large format 3D printer.jpg

Delivery speed increased by more than 3 times after UnionTech's large format 3D printer


B2C to C2B actively embraces market changes

According to Mr. Xia Lixiang, the market demand has been changing rapidly in the past decade, once it was enterprises facing customer demand, but nowadays, with the continuous development of the hand board market, customers' personalised and customised demand is increasing, this kind of small batch customised demand spurs enterprises to make continuous progress and explore to new technologies and new fields.

UnionTech's large format printing equipment, provides a solution to such customised needs, and the dual vibrating mirror technology accelerates in timeliness, bringing more revenue to hand board companies.


The past VS the future - a beautiful vision of a black light factory

A few years ago, the factory at HaiShailing was lit up with lights and workers were never far away from their models. Now, even when the lights are switched off, the machines are still running in an orderly manner, without the need for workers to be on duty. The "black light factory" is Hai Shuai Ling's vision for the future, which coincides with the intelligent concept of UnionTech. Nearly 40 sets of UnionTech 3D printers are being delivered one after another, and Hai Shuai Ling's black light factory will work hand in hand with UnionTech to build a bright future!

a beautiful vision of a black light factory.jpg

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