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Top Glass Bottle Supplier Bruni Glass Cooperated with UnionTech 3D to Innovate its Modeling and Prototyping Processes

Bruni Glass is a globally leading supplier of high-end special glass bottles and jars for a wide variety of markets: spirit, still, and sparkling wines, beer, gourmet, food products, home fragrances, and pharmaceuticals. In addition to standard solutions, Bruni Glass boasts a portfolio of more than 3,000 customized design articles.

Thanks to the team of expert designers, the Bruni Glass Innovation Center produces customized bottles and jars, developing packaging that highlights our clients’ products and brands and makes them stand out from the competition.

Bruni Glass uses the best printing technologies to make each sample, guiding clients in their choice of the solution best suited to their specific needs. These technologies range from the most standard to the most evolved, for the creation of top-quality models in terms of aesthetics, comparable to the finished article.


UnionTech SLA 3D printer Pilot 450

Bruni Glass has chosen the UnionTech Pilot 450, supplied by Key Service, UnionTech’s distribution partner in Italy, as the ideal solution to meet their need. The part quality is exceeding expectations as well as printing speed.

After implementing UnionTech Pilot 450 Bruni Glass could double the prints compared to the initial planning as the technology is proving itself as a great tool to shorten the development time for every new product, coming in a shorter time to its production phase.

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