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UnionTech Assisting Falcon Precision's Footwear Mold Factory in New Industrial Upgrade!

Nowadays science and technology are progressing with each passing day, and the in-depth development of digitalization, networking, and intelligence promotes the development of various industries. Intelligent manufacturing has become the only path of growth for all major manufacturing industries. The same is true for footwear mold factories. Established in Dongguan, Guangdong 14 years ago, Guangdong Falcon Precision Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Falcon Precision) used to be a traditional footwear mold factory. With increasing labor costs and customer demand, it adopted 3D printing technology for intelligent manufacturing and successfully transformed into an industry-leading footwear mold supplier.数豹制造1.png

Imminent Innovation for Production


Falcon Precision was first expanded from Jixin Technology, which was established in 2008 when it was a traditional footwear mold manufacturer. According to Liu Shuguang, General Manager of Falcon Precision, as a traditional footwear mold supplier, Jixin Technology's production mode was in urgent need of transformation.

It usually took about eight hours to make one wooden mold, requiring plenty of workers for the whole production chain.

A large amount of labor and time was required when dealing with special textures. Even so, the precision of patterns could not be guaranteed, thus making differentiated production impossible.

Moreover, the texturing process of footwear mold resulted in serious pollution, which required great efforts in maintenance and disposal from the manufacturers' side. The problem also posed a great threat to workers' health and the ecological environment.

It is obvious that the traditional footwear mold production mode cannot meet the demands of manufacturers and customers.


3D Printing Technology Empowering Industrial Transformation and Upgrading


Based on industrial development and its own production experience, after exploring and comparing a large number of advanced production technologies, Jixin Technology set its sights in 2016 on a new production mode—additive manufacturing technology. Through comparison in various aspects, it finally selected the footwear mold 3D printing technology of UnionTech and started to purchase UnionTech 3D printers in 2017. Later on, the digital footwear mold solution of UnionTech was gradually adopted, which helped the company complete the industrial upgrading and make huge profits. In addition, Jixin Technology was successfully expanded and Falcon Precision was thus established, driving the integration of traditional production and technological manufacturing.


"Since the purchase of UnionTech machines, the production efficiency of Falcon Precision has been greatly improved. It's very convenient to use the machines at night without guard and get the footwear mold the next day. For this reason, we have saved a lot of labor costs and the burdens of workers have been eased with no need for overtime production. The software for UnionTech machines is easy to operate, and the produced footwear mold has extremely high stability, high precision, and consistency with no need for subsequent repair, which greatly avoids the problems of inconsistent footwear sizes and varying dimensions."

Liu Shuguang, General Manager of Falcon Precision

At present, digital intelligent manufacturing is replacing traditional manufacturing, bringing innovative production to the mainstream. UnionTech provides Falcon Precision with a new production mode with the integrated digital solution of "machine + software + service". When using UnionTech 3D printers for footwear mold production, Falcon Precision can easily realize customized production with digital technology and produce wooden mold at a ratio of 1:1 to accurately meet the various needs of customers.


"After introducing UnionTech printers, we have made a great leap in efficiency, quality, and customization," said Shen Xuejun, Chairman of Falcon Precision. "As a result, the factory has successfully expanded its production and opened up a new production mode. In 2021, it successfully expanded to 'Falcon Precision', which specializes in high-precision injection molds." Falcon Precision keeps ahead of the industry by taking the lead in technology and is committed to becoming the most efficient, innovative, and environmentally sustainable leading enterprise in the footwear mold industry. From "Jixin Technology" to "Falcon Precision", it is not only a change in site expansion but also a sense of mission for the company to pursue advanced production and meet customers' diverse needs with high quality and differentiation. By constantly applying the latest technology in the industry and improving the operation level of the management system, Falcon Precision will provide customers with the best products and services to meet their expectations of quality and delivery.


Applied Materials


IP foaming mold: high strength, hardness, and material fineness


Wooden mold/sample mold: low viscosity, high resolution, good toughness, and high molding precision


Metal mold: high strength, hardness, and temperature resistance


Texture: high material fineness


Rapid mold: high strength, hardness, and temperature resistance


             Creative design


Soft material: low viscosity, high flexibility, and good tearing performance (It can effectively inhibit the penetration of light beam and avoid deep curing. The sample can be folded in half by 180 degrees without breaking.)


It is well-known that advanced technology can bring significant changes to production. Nowadays additive manufacturing technology has been adopted by a vast number of industrial manufacturers with its remarkable technical characteristics such as high precision, high efficiency, and high digitalization, thereby achieving striking results. As a company devoted to the research of 3D printing technology, UnionTech puts users first and innovates the manufacturing industry with a new mode of additive manufacturing, bringing technology to medical care, education, industry, footwear, and various other fields. UnionTech firmly believes that 3D printing technology will be used in more fields, helping enterprises realize the flexible design and innovate traditional manufacturing methods.


 About Falcon Precision


Falcon Precision Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2021, located in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, and expanded from Jixin Technology. It is a professional footwear mold company integrating R&D, production, and sales, covering an area of 10,000 square meters together with Jixin Technology. In 2010, a North Vietnam factory covering 2000 square meters was established in Thai Binh Province, Vietnam. The company adopts advanced production technologies and is mainly engaged in the production of TPU, RUBBER, IMEVA, CMEVA, TR\TPR, and PU shoes. Powered by its R&D and design departments, its full range of production lines, including 3D scanning, CNC, 3D printing, molding, processing, machining, texturing, and injection, have reached a monthly production capacity of over 1150 pairs.


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