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UnionTech Introduces New Photopolymer 3D Printing Systems and High-temperature 3D Printing Resin at Rapid+TCT 2024

UnionTech made a significant impact at Rapid+TCT 2024, held from June 25-27 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, by unveiling its latest 3D printing systems and comprehensive additive manufacturing solutions.


Lite600 2.0 System

UnionTech unveiled the Lite600 2.0, an enhanced version of the popular Lite600. This new model is smaller, lighter, and more compact, ideal for companies with limited workspace. The Lite600 2.0 maximizes space efficiency, allowing multiple machines to fit where only one larger machine could before. Its mobility is perfect for businesses needing to frequently reconfigure their workspace or relocate equipment.




  • Large-Format 3D Printing: With a build volume of 600 × 600 × 400 mm (144 liters), it is designed for intricate prototypes, production, and end-use parts.

  • Variable Laser Beam Technology: Dynamically adjusts the beam size, switching between fine beams for detailed areas and broader beams for larger sections.

  • Innovative Liquid Level Control Algorithm: Maintains stable resin levels to prevent defects and optimize resin usage.

  • Simplified Process: No disassembly or installation required, improving delivery efficiency. The control panel and alarm light can be easily adjusted.

  • Intelligent Software Integration: Equipped with RSCON, enhancing compatibility with platforms like UnionTech ONE and UnionTech BPC.

  • Platformization: Integrates with the UnionTech ONE 3D printing cloud platform for seamless equipment, enterprise, and business interconnection.


Martrix300 Printer

UnionTech also introduced the Martrix300, a professional-grade LCD 3D printer with advanced features.



  • COB Light Source: Offers high rectangular resolution of 19 × 24 μm with over 90% printing uniformity and stronger light intensity.

  • Gravity Pressure-Sensing Refilling: Automatically adjusts resin levels during printing, enabling fully automated production.

  • Anti-Pressure Monitoring: Detects foreign objects to halt printing and prevent disruptions, extending the printer's lifespan and improving success rates.


Temp-R220 High Temperature Resistant Resin

UnionTech's subsidiary, Synthetic, showcased the Temp - R220 high-temperature resistant material. This resin has a heat deformation temperature exceeding 220°C and a long-term use temperature above 250°C. It offers excellent strength and toughness, ideal for large-format SLA printers, ensuring stability, accuracy, and exceptional surface quality in complex environments.



UnionTech's innovations at Rapid+TCT 2024 highlight the growing applications of 3D printing technology. Once mainly for prototyping, it's now used for producing functional parts. UnionTech is pushing the limits of 3D printing, helping businesses improve manufacturing, cut costs, and speed up product development.

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