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UnionTech’s 3D Printers Joined Hands with Sound Waves Theater to Complete the Refitting of the Buick Weilang Pro Chariot

Sound Waves Theater wants to convert a brand new Buick Weilang Pro into a chariot in the game. Not only must the appearance and interior have both form and spirit, but also the functional design must meet the needs of the battlefield in the game.


It really shines and cool

But when it comes to execution, it's like a zombie fighting a monster, and there are many difficulties.

There are no corresponding car modification parts on the market, which means that all modification parts need to be designed and developed by the team. What's more, no one can imagine how to turn a car into an all-road chariot.


The more exquisite things must contain the creator's ingenuity in the handling of details. In the design drawing, we can see that the designer designed the Gatling machine gun on the roof, small radar and other decorations to increase the battlefield effect.

The designer proposed to use the most cutting-edge 3D printing technology to make the Gatling machine gun. It can only be said that the vision is very good, but the actual operation is unknown. The refit plan is in trouble...

The Gatling machine gun and small radar that need to be produced on the blueprint belong to the type that is small in size but requires high processing accuracy. There are a lot of hollowing out in the bullet chain and other parts, and the difficulty factor is very high.

When the team members were at a loss, they found UnionTech, a well-known 3D printing supplier in China's SLA field.



When the team members came to UnionTech, they couldn't help admiring the emerging technology. Whoa! Good guy! This 3D printing really lives up to its reputation, involving various industries such as medical treatment, industrial manufacturing, model processing, precision machining, and cultural creation. Under the leadership of engineer Andrew, the two realized for the first time that the prospect and application range of 3D printing had already exceeded imagination.

The machine used this time is the RSPro series from UnionTech.

RSPro800 SLA

The printing of car models represents one of the most common applications of 3d printing technology in the automotive industry. It is not only possible to produce spare parts that cannot be molded, but even to shape the appearance of the entire vehicle. With 3D scanning, it is not impossible to customize spare parts for out-of-print old cars in the future.


3D printed Gatling gun


The effect after spraying the paint: the surface is smooth and the shape is realistic



After a series of steps such as overall 3D printing, finishing, color spraying and painting, when the long-awaited Gatling gun finally appeared in front of the team... all the hard work and price were worth it!

Demonstration of gun models printed by UnionTech 3D printers


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