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UnionTech Latest 3D Printers Showcase at Rapid+TCT 2023


The biggest and most influential additive manufacturing event in North America is coming to Chicago, IL on May 2-4th. UnionTech has announced that they will be introducing their Star 3D printers and technology at the RAPID + TCT 2023 event.


Top-down Projection DLP 3D Printer - Cute380


The UnionTech Cute 380 Printer is a 3D printer that uses top-down projection Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology to produce high-quality industrial molds with a large build volume of 384 × 216 × 300 mm. The 3D printer is equipped with an industrial-grade 4K DLP optical engine, allowing for fast production and excellent surface quality. It is particularly suitable for office and studio settings due to its versatility.


The Cute 380 boasts several unique features, including light intensity uniformity correction and fully automatic algorithm correction, which improve the uniformity of light intensity by up to 95% or more using UnionTech’s proprietary algorithm. These features make the printer an excellent choice for industrial applications.


The Cute 380 is particularly effective when used with Fant-RY70 resin material. This material allows for the creation of highly detailed industrial parts with excellent aging resistance and physical properties. The printer is well-suited for small-batch production of parts such as manufacturing fixtures, jigs, and multi-purpose deep slots.


Quasi-industrial 3D printer – Martrix Series


UnionTech's Martrix series utilizes AHEC surface exposure technology, which was developed by UnionTech. Martrix 3D printer can print up to 50 mm/h with the help of a professional optical system, reasonable parameter settings, and a release film with low peel-off force. This release film not only reduces the release force during printing but also enhances the service life of the film by 30% when compared to traditional films.


UnionTech has been deeply involved in various vertical industries and has special algorithms for each industry to meet its unique requirements. For instance, in the footwear industry, UnionTech provides an automatic sole function that generates the minimum sole to save materials. For dolls, they provide the lower surface recognition function to prevent peeling of the lower surface during surface exposure. In the dentistry industry, they provide the function of adjacent teeth compensation to enable users to control the gap between adjacent teeth accurately.


UnionTech R&D team has laid out the entire printing process of AI in 3D printing. They aim to provide customers with a brand-new experience that covers design, pre-processing, manufacturing, and production management. Martrix is equipped with self-developed industrial pre-processing software and a new platform control software called Martrix ONE.

Multi-scanner System for Large-format SLA 3D Printer


The technology of 3D printing using multiple scanners is an effective and accurate method that allows for high-speed and precision 3D printing. It achieves this by using several scanners to direct the movement of the light beam.


The 3D printing technology of multiple scanners uses a multi-layer approach to simplify the optical system design and provide cost benefits. However, achieving synchronous operation of multiple lasers is currently a challenge in the market. UnionTech's R&D team has developed sophisticated algorithms and system upgrades to achieve synchronized control of each laser. With this synchronization, printing speed and efficiency are doubled. However, the scanner, an important component of the optical system, causes significant shape distortion due to its design principle. Currently, the industry uses a manual calibration method that has low accuracy, unstable results, and low efficiency to calibrate the scanner. UnionTech's innovative automatic calibration technology for multi-scanner uses precise positioning, avoiding the difficulties of designing and using large calibration plates. The general manual calibration method involves 89 calibration points, but UnionTech's multiple scanners series 3D printer can establish 1798 calibration points with a spot position detector, achieving a fully automated calibration process with 0.06-0.1mm accuracy. This process is not affected by human factors, ensuring the stability and accuracy of the printed parts.


UnionTech's 3D printers with multi-scanner technology are RSPro1400 Printer, RSPro1800 and RSPro2100. Each of these machines has its own advantages and features to meet different 3D printing needs:

RSPro1400 SLA 3D Printer


UnionTech's RSPro1400 3D printer has a 1400×700×500mm format and uses dual-scanner system.


RSPro1800 SLA 3D Printer


UnionTech's RSPro1800 3D printer has a 1800×900×600mm format and uses dual-scanner system.


RSPro2100 SLA 3D Printer


UnionTech's RSPro2100 3D printer has a 2100 × 700 × 800mm format and uses triple-scanner system.


In conclusion, UnionTech's commitment to the development and expansion of industrial 3D printing solutions has positioned the company as a market leader in the field. With a range of cutting-edge products and services, the company is well-equipped to cater to the needs of industrial professionals, both now and in the future.

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