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Martrix190 Ultimate mSLA 3D printer for geeks, professional studios, and research institutions

Martrix190 features a build volume of up to 192 × 120 × 280 mm. It uses hot air heating to address resin performance issues in winter and offers remote control and monitoring, air filtration, power calibration, door detection, and easy replacement of light sources and screens for efficient and safe operation.

Martrix190 Technical Data

Build Volume

192 × 120 × 280 mm

7.56 × 4.72 × 11.0 in

Printing Speed

75 mm/h

Pixel Size50 μm
Layer Thickness0.025-0.15 mm
Exposure Screen

8.9" Monochrome 4k LCD

Resolution3840 x 2400
Light Output intensity - LCD Screen6.0 mW/cm²
Wavelength405 nm
SoftwareMartrix ONE
Resin VatReplaceable
Machine Dimensions

355 × 370 × 705 mm

13.98 x 14.57 x 27.76 in

Machine Weight33 kg

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