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Cute380–Define A High-Quality DLP Printer ( Part 1 )

The appearance of Cute 380

The appearance of Cute380 industrial DLP 3D printer adopts a lightweight design with a compact structure and a small footprint. The length is 84 cm, the width is 74 cm, and the height is 191 cm. The weight is 400 kg. The use of metal frame greatly improves the stability of the equipment, so that our quality has an industrial-level guarantee. The bottom is equipped with universal wheels, so that it has good passability and site applicability, and  can pass through the conventional elevators and doors. On the whole, the main color of dark gray is adopted, and the logo design is added, which is very calm and atmospheric. 

In terms of lighting, we designed a circle of blue ambient lights around the Cute380 visual screen, combining softness and technology. On the upper part of the visual screen, there is a colorful progress light, which shows the progress and status of the equipment in the process of making parts.

With the design of silent sound, there is basically no sound in the working state. Whether it is in the office or the laboratory, it has very good environmental integration.With super large viewing window and internal lighting, it is easy to achieve human-computer interaction.It is very convenient for us to observe. When operating and observing the equipment, Cute380 meets human comfort in terms of height and elevation angle.

The operation screen is located on the right side of the device, which is a built-in design. And the screen can be easily folded inside the device to save space.

The 10-inch large screen is convenient for us to operate and observe.

Cute380 supports touch, and also supports stylus which is more convenient.

There are three buttons on the upper part of the operation screen, one of which is the power switch, and the other two are the emergency stop button and the restart button of the equipment, which meet the requirements of industrial safety regulations. Cute380 has passed CE, UKC and other certifications.

The equipment has functions in door protection such as opening the door and stopping light output, which meets the need for security of ISO13849 and provides operators with a comprehensive guarantee. In terms of after-sales, the after-sales maintenance costs are low. Because it is a highly integrated design, no consumables, no need to disassemble and replace accessories. Entering the Unionfab software, you can also realize remote control and monitoring, which is more beneficial for us to use.

The scenario of the application

1. Medical field

Medical models, surgical guides, surgical repair molds

The printed samples are mainly models, which require large-format equipment due to their large size.

Cute 380 can meet this demand, and Cute 380 is also very suitable for the medical office environment.

At the same time, we have developed a material for the medical industry: UTR3800W


2. Orthodontic industry

Problems faced by manufacturers in the orthodontic industry:

Productivity issues

Model Accuracy Issues

Material allocation problem



Based on industrial-grade up-projection DLP 3D printing technology, Cute380 is the best choice for digital orthodontics.

Material D80 is specially designed for orthodontics.The surface is very delicate, the cusps are complete, and the printing quality is very good.

Disposable materials will be launched later, so stay tuned.


3. Industry:

Small batch production, non-standard industrial parts production

Strong detail expression, excellent resistance in aging and physical properties, suitable for small batch production of industrial accessories.

Printing: jigs, fixtures, multi-use deep groove equipment


RY70 material

high toughness

The aging resistance is very good, within 10% fluctuation in the 20-month aging test

Ideal for small batch printing and the application of the office verification scheme.

In addition to Cute 380, UnionTech also have RSPro1400 (mid size resin printer) and RSPro800 2.0 (industrial sla printer). They alsp have the quality of high efficiency, high precision, high stability.

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