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Road to Reality: The Dimensional Breakthrough of Anime Figures Empowered by UnionTech

The history of anime is extensive, and over time, it has maintained its vitality, with vibrant characters gaining global popularity. Complementing these characters are anime figures, which bridge the gap between the virtual and the real, leading imaginative creations to the road of tangible reality.

Driven by advancements in digital design and heightened customer expectations, the traditional clay model has fallen out of favor due to its time-consuming nature and its inability to meet customized needs and intricate details, and thus the evolution of anime figures has entered a new era. This shift has prompted the industry to create more intricate and magnificent anime figures.

The Digital Opportunity to Upgrade the Industry

The traditional anime figure workflow has been streamlined into seven steps, each procedure has been considered to be the most effective method during the traditional figure-making period. This production workflow, proven effective during the era of traditional figure production, remains conducive to mass-producing anime figures. 


However, the increasing customs needs led to the discussion of production upgrades. While the fundamental steps have persisted, the integration of 3D printing has revolutionized the traditionally time-consuming handmade prototype process, which reduced the period of the first prototype from six months to only one week, and even the injection procedure. According to our clients, with the digital 3D model crafting step, this adaptation caters to the requirements of small-batch customization and the creation of anime figure accessories, substantially boosting work efficiency and meeting the diverse needs of customers.

A Bold Attempt to Break the Industry Boundaries

In 2018, Qihang 3D was established to align with the burgeoning trend of 3D printing technology and delve into the market, focusing on the cultural and creative industry, particularly the 3D-printed anime figures sector. With the support of UnionTech's Π663, the establishment and expansion of Qihang 3D have significantly elevated the entire industry, optimizing workflows to align with prevailing trends.



Jingguo Hong, Founder of Qihang 3D

"Efficiency is the key. You have to be more than others and better than others, only if this way a company gains its market. The 3D printers from UnionTech upgraded Qihang 3D with efficient digital anime figure solutions, bringing the animation to the real world within hours like few other companies are capable of."    —— Jingguo Hong, Founder of Qihang 3D

The Special Design for the Animation Industry

Specializing in high-precision and small-batch production 3D printing services, the Π663 SLA 3D printer stands out for its meticulous design that optimizes both size and functionality. This compact printer minimizes its footprint, reducing transportation costs and making it an efficient choice for businesses focused on cultural and creative manufacturing.


UnionTech π663 SLA 3D Printer for Animation Industry

The incorporation of variable laser beam technology is a key innovation that significantly enhances printing efficiency by automatically adjusting the laser beam size according to the printing situation. Strategic measures, including minimizing adjustment points and implementing an upgraded rack structure, have been taken to enhance stability and refine model output, ensuring a reliable printing service and the delivery of intricately detailed models.


Liquid Level Control Algorithm

Featuring an advanced auto-calibration system, the Π663 streamlines the user experience with a more user-friendly operation and delivers higher precision in printing services. This system facilitates a smoother learning process, reducing the likelihood of manual precision errors and ensuring a seamless workflow for users. 

Embarking on the Transformative Journey to Digitization

Similar to other anime figure creators, Qihang 3D's conventional approach encounters challenges in meeting ever-expanding customer demands, achieving high-precision prototyping, and addressing talent development issues. The ongoing evolution of animation production technology, the increased intricacy of character details, and the heightened customization demands in the niche market have raised the bar for anime figures. Traditional clay models struggle to meet the market's expectations for the finesse of anime figures, and the limitations such as the poor production environment of traditional craftsmanship make talent cultivation infeasible. The situation demands a more effective, customized, and streamlined learning process.


High Precision Anime Figure Parts with More Details

Presently, enthusiasts of anime figures are raising their expectations for product quality, with a meticulous demand for fineness reaching up to 0.05mm. Introduced by UnionTech, the Π663, with its capability to produce finished products meeting the exacting standards of most Qihang customers, has propelled the company to a dominant market position, earning accolades within the industry.

Diverging from traditional production methods that demand extensive time and an exhaustive commitment of craftsmen's mental and physical prowess, the 3D printing technology of Qihang not only resolves the issue of time constraints but also provides the flexibility to alter the model's style effortlessly within the digital realm. Whether creating Qihang's 3D production models or making customer-requested adjustments, the process allows for the casual addition or subtraction of elements, enabling seamless modifications.

Moreover, UnionTech's 3D printing technology requires only a minimal workforce for equipment maintenance, resulting in significant labor cost savings for Qihang. Additionally, 3D printing is more accessible for young individuals, offering an easier learning curve in contrast to traditional anime figure production processes, which foster unfavorable production environments and pose potential health risks, discouraging younger generations from acquiring the necessary skills and contributing to a shortage of technical talents.



More Labor Cost Savings with Π663

UnionTech's 3D printing solutions for the anime figures industry, spanning equipment development, software, and materials, effectively cater to customer demands for high precision and superior surface quality hand figures. This comprehensive approach facilitates the digital transformation of companies in the anime figure industry, streamlining processes, and delivering higher-quality figure products at a reduced cost.

With an unwavering commitment to elevating our own stringent standards for product quality, UnionTech aims to provide continuous innovation and intelligent production methods tailored to the unique needs of the cultural and creative industries. We are dedicated to facilitating convenient and intelligent manufacturing processes, ultimately assisting customers in achieving the production of high-quality products, and are poised to contribute significantly to the flourishing comics industry by leveraging our expertise and technologies to drive excellence and innovation in 3D printing.

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