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UnionTech announces the layout plan for industrial SLM, FDM, and professional LCD printers

In 2024, it is a pivotal and breakthrough year for the additive manufacturing industry. The industrialization of additive manufacturing is driving the overall growth of the industry, injecting a strong impetus into the development of a new landscape in the 3D printing sector.

For UnionTech, 2024 will also be a year of rapid advancement. UnionTech will continue to focus on two key directions to establish two major core competencies. Firstly, deepening its presence in the industrial-grade 3D printing market, building a mature and comprehensive industrial-grade 3D printing product system. In 2024, UnionTech will expand into industrial-grade metal 3D printing, industrial-grade FDM, and professional-grade LCD fields; introduce high-performance new materials; and enhance the 3D printing system platform. Secondly, spanning the entire industry value chain, UnionTech aims to form a complete 3D printing ecosystem covering printing materials, printing equipment, printing software, printing applications, and printing services.


Adhering to Innovation and Development

In 2024, UnionTech will continue to invest in technological research and development. The focus will be on enhancing printing precision and efficiency while continuously optimizing aspects such as production consistency, improvement of molding quality, and the facilitation of intelligent and convenient processes. Breakthroughs are anticipated in optical systems and intelligent control for industrial stereolithography additive manufacturing equipment. Additionally, UnionTech's self-researched 3D printing industrial internet platform, incorporating various interconnected technologies, is expected to gradually achieve functions such as rapid equipment integration and other IoT capabilities.


1. Launch of New Metal Printer

The metal printer market gained significant momentum in 2023, and at the Formnext Asia Exhibition that year, UnionTech officially announced the Muees310, an Selective Laser Melting SLM 3D printer. In 2024, UnionTech plans to introduce another industrial-grade SLM metal 3D printer-Muees430. The Muees430 boasts a build volume of 430×340×400 mm, utilizing upside powder delivery structure, scraper with dual-direction variable speed control, and is equipped with a large-format filed lens, to enhance the printing precision and efficiency.

The Muees430 incorporates a 500W high-magnification laser, providing uniform energy density and compatibility with three lasers. UnionTech's introduction of the industrial-grade SLM metal 3D printing solution represents an efficient and cost-effective means of metal processing, streamlining manufacturing processes and improving production efficiency. 


2. Continued Emphasis on Photopolymerization Technology

As a well-established player in the field of photopolymerization, UnionTech has already gained a competitive edge in optical systems, electronic control systems, and software systems. In 2024, UnionTech will focus on the intelligence, automation, and integration of printers to exhibit comprehensive solutions. The continuous variable spot-size printing technology developed by UnionTech enables seamless switching between multiple spot sizes, which can intelligently recognize model features and automatically match scanning spots, resulting in faster forming efficiency and higher precision.

Furthermore, the introduction of the defective part detection feature of UnionTech will incorporate an integrated image detection system module into the printer. During the printing process, it will continuously monitor the manufacturing process of the model in real-time. Through image detection algorithms, the system will identify any defective parts in the printed model on each layer, preventing ineffective printing and resin wastage.


3. Breakthroughs in Mask Projection Technology

Back to 2013, UnionTech has established a technology research and development team for DLP and launched its first DLP product targeting the dental industry in 2015. Since then, UnionTech has persistently explored fundamental technologies, forming a comprehensive DLP research and development framework. Actively expanding into untapped markets, UnionTech has broadened its product line to cater to diverse sectors, including dental restoration, orthodontics, animation, footwear, education, industrial applications, jewelry, and healthcare. By the year 2023, the DLP series has become a significant component of UnionTech's product portfolio.

Intelligent Detection of Release Film Lifespan

UnionTech is currently developing an intelligent detection system for the lifespan of the downward projection DLP release film. Through system upgrades, it will be able to real-time monitor the usage lifespan of the release film, reminding users to replace it promptly. This enhancement aims to improve printers’ reliability and printing success rates, preventing users from discovering film aging issues only after printing defective parts.

Intelligent Printing Process Packages

Existing printing process packages in the market are generally manually set by industry-experienced engineers or determined through experiments. UnionTech is planning to introduce an intelligent, automatically identifying printing process package through algorithmic upgrades to automatically calculate printing parameters and significantly enhance printing efficiency.

Bed Adhesion Detection

Bed adhesion is a common pain point in downward projection printing. Users often cannot confirm whether the platform is detached and may need to check multiple times during continuous production. UnionTech is set to announce a bed adhesion detection function to determine whether the finished product sticks to the build platform through force feedback and algorithms and provide feedback to users promptly.

Comprehensive Control System Upgrade

In 2024, UnionTech will embark on a comprehensive control system upgrade for mask projection printers. Adopting an integrated master control system, this upgrade will achieve closed-loop control, making mask projection printers more intelligent.

Following the introduction of the fully automated orthodontic 3D printer D800 in 2021, UnionTech is poised to unveil a new dental industry-specific 3D printer in the DLP sector, the D300, at the 2024 Dental South China Exhibition. This innovative printer is designed for applications in the dental implant and restoration fields, providing comprehensive automation for dental production processes.


Two High-Performance Materials

Photopolymer materials have been widely applied in real industries since the proliferation of 3D printing technology, with their applications expanding each year. The development of 3D printing materials determines whether the technology can achieve real production, and the exploration of applications in various downstream fields verifies whether 3D printing can truly revolutionize the manufacturing process.

In 2024, UnionTech will continue its in-depth exploration in the field of material research and plan to introduce two high-performance photosensitive resin materials. The first is a self-extinguishing flame-retardant material, FR-42. It is an environmentally friendly halogen-free flame-retardant material and represents UnionTech's first UL94 V-0 certification in this material area. Combining SLA technology with flame-retardant capabilities, FR-42 provides an efficient solution for designing and manufacturing UL94 V-0 level flame-retardant materials.

The second upcoming high-performance material is a high-temperature-resistant material, TEMP-R220, a resin material designed specifically for SLA 3D printing. Its key features include a high heat deflection temperature of over 220°C, high strength and rigidity, along with a certain level of toughness. This material is suitable for manufacturing parts or functional prototypes intended for high-temperature environments, offering excellent precision and reliable surface quality.

Accelerating the Pace of International Expansion

In 2023, additive manufacturing technology has successfully found applications in various industries. Looking ahead to 2024, UnionTech anticipates a more profound integration of this technology in industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, electronics, and cultural and creative fields. The scale of small-batch production and end-use applications is expected to further expand in these sectors.

Additionally, UnionTech plans to intensify its efforts to expand its presence in overseas markets in 2024. With the aim of accelerating the development of international business, increasing the scale of overseas operations, and allocating resources such as manpower and equipment, UnionTech will explore and tap into international markets with 3D printing innovations and applications.


At present, UnionTech has already established branch offices and service teams in countries such as the United States, Germany, Vietnam, and others. We have also forged strong partnerships with distributors in Europe, North America, and the Middle East to provide global customers with specialized, localized, and refined services. The active contribution of UnionTech to the innovative development of additive manufacturing technology in various global industries, including automotive, electronics, casting, education, and emerging businesses will continue to provide customers with comprehensive additive manufacturing solutions.


Jingsong Ma, General Manager of UnionTech

About UnionTech

Established in 2000, UnionTech is a globally renowned leading company in the industrial-grade 3D printing sector and a key pioneer in China's additive manufacturing field. Currently, UnionTech operates in five major marketing regions worldwide, including China, Europe, North America, the Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East. The company's products are exported to over 50 countries and regions, serving a customer base exceeding 8,000. UnionTech holds the largest market share in China’s photopolymerization technology sector, with its technology widely applied in industries such as aerospace, electronics, dental healthcare, cultural and creative sectors, education, footwear, and architecture.

In recent years, as the industry has evolved, UnionTech's profound understanding of additive manufacturing technology has led to the comprehensive coverage of product technologies, spanning printing equipment, printing materials, printing software, and printing services. This has resulted in a fully integrated industry chain from upstream to downstream, demonstrating significant capabilities for industry-wide integration in the industrial-grade 3D printing market.

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