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1.16 Hours to Print A Shoe Mould, UnionTech FM700 Footwear Mass Production Equipment

In recent years, UnionTech has been focusing on the application of industry segments, targeting the application characteristics of different industries, accurately positioning the market demand, and pushing the platform management system from the product itself, always walking in the forefront of the industry. For the footwear market, UnionTech has launched a high-performance and high-efficiency 3D printing shoe moulding machine for the high-end footwear industry, which is positioned as an "innovator of mass-production moulds for high-end footwear", undoubtedly injecting a new vitality agent into the footwear market.

Equipment model FM700 is the production equipment of UnionTech for the shoe mould market, the main advantage of this equipment is the use of dual galvanometer high-speed scanning, and at the same time with variable spot technology, quickly fill the inner cavity of the large contour; and the use of narrow knife width, shorten the scraper reciprocating distance, reduce the time of the layer drop, and the repeated testing of this equipment in the molding stage speed up to 4 times the current ordinary equipment.


In the manufacture of rigid shoe moulds, it has the advantage of high efficiency, achieving an average printing time of about 1.16 hours for each standard-sized shoe. For the specificity of the shoe mould, the parameters of the equipment are intelligently optimized, and in terms of the stability control of the equipment, a number of closed-loop control algorithms are adopted to ensure the stability and accuracy of the machine at work. In terms of printing accuracy, it can restore 0.06mm details of the sole and side pattern to get a clear angular product model. Intelligent parameters is also a prominent highlight of this equipment, automatic calibration, automatic replenishment function, combined with UnionTech's newly released EPM system management, to achieve unattended and real-time monitoring of the equipment's working status, operation records, can facilitate the company's lean production management.

UnionTech is the earlier to open up the application of light-curing technology in the field of footwear, in the continuous application of research accumulated 3D printing technology in the footwear industry application of the pain point problem. And from the technical level of the industry's pain point problems broken one by one, from improving production efficiency, reduce costs to the application of its own raw data files converted to accurate shoe mould pattern reduction, forming a set of systematic shoe mould 3D printing solutions. The company's nearly two decades of light-curing technology and application advantages have given UnionTech a strong support in the footwear application market, which is not only an advantage, but also UnionTech's mission as an excellent independent brand of domestic 3D printing, to contribute to the progress of the manufacturing industry with more advanced technology.

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