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  • S110

    • Software created for dental CAD applications.
    • Automatic layer thickness based on the indication selected.
    • AutoStand - automatic support generation feature.
    • Send to printer via Wifi, Ethernet or USB.
    • PolyDevs works for all EvoDent E and S series in your laboratory or dental office.
  • S300

    • Industrial 4K optical
    • machine. Ultra-large build
    • volume 3D printer for
    • dentistry.
    • High precision, 50μm
    • precision (above 80%).
  • E120

    • Window and display enabling easy visual inspection and print status
    • Fast and easy exchange of resin tray and materials
    • Enlarged build envelope for enhanced print capacit
    • Touch screen with intuitive user interface
    • Integrated PC Supporting Ethernet WiFi and USB
  • E140

    • Large build envelope capacity and high accuracy
    • Simple interface and easy operation
    • 10.1 inch touch screen for better control
    • Print up to 6 orthodontic models in 25 minutes
    • Compatible with a variety of materials and process packages
  • D800

    • Print 96 half-mouth dental models at the same time
    • The accuracy deviation of the whole dental model is less than 0.07mm
    • The independently innovated automatic shoveling function unlocks a new height of technology
    • The independently developed automatic resin refilling solution reduces labor input and improves prod...
  • AME RH1400

    • ·Industrial DLP 3D printing technology
    • ·Practical build envelope capacity of 144 x 81 x 80 mm
    • ·Industry-leading print quality, speed and precision
    • ·3D print software for file preparation and production
    • ·Compatible with a variety of 3D printing materials
  • D600

    • High speed galvanometer scanning, high efficiency.
    • Negative pressure adsorption scraper, uniform and reliable coating.
    • Automatic scan path.
    • Detachable table, easy to operate.
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