Technology Changes Stomatology

Speaking of its efforts in medical and oral treatment,UnionTech has always been dedicated to driving the application of digitized oral treatment enabled by 3D printing. At the technical level,it has spent 20 years developing and researching SLA technology and launched EvoDent series 3D printing system for dental application. Relying on precise and efficient performance and stable product quality,it complies with the digitized trend in the dentistry and is able to achieve precise treatment. At the market level,UnionTech has integrated high-quality resources worldwide and worked with dental experts around the world to change the way of dental processing from traditional manufacturing to digitalization,and define the standard for different applications of 3D printing in dentistry with its professional 3D printing technology.

Quality Assurance

1-year warranty and lifelong free remote services provided by a powerful and professional after-sales team.

Training System

Full-scale offline operation training and abundant online learning materials.

Global Distribution Network

Our worldwide distribution network is able to offer you all-sided and specialized technical support for your procurement in the locality of various countries.

International Certification

CE Certification (Notified Body Code: 0865)

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