Digitized Oral Treatment Solution
Digitized solutions in oral treatment enabled by 3D printing provide you with professional support and offer your customers more convenient treatment experience

Overall Strengths of EvoDent

Multi purposes,one-key printing,stable,efficient and precise. Everything is controlled at your fingertip!


Higher probability for patients to finish the treatment with one visit


High forming precision for better treatment experience


Good biocompatibility.
FDA and CE certification.

Product Display

EvoDent series is more a specialized digitized oral treatment solution and the future of digitized oral treatment than a 3D printer

One piece of equipment supports 10+ applications and offers
dental clinics and technicians professional support
Integrated Solution

Intelligent Typesetting

It is a 3D printing intelligent data system developed for dentists with automated typesetting and bracket adding functions,and able to perform automated layering,support document transmission through Wifi and multiple 3D printers to work at the same time.

User-friendly Design

EvoDent series 3D printing system looks cleverish and is easy to use; with high flexibility,it can work in any scenarios.


With independent cleaning and solidifying system,the working process,from the removal and placement of printing trays to the retention of resin brackets and even cleaning of residues,appears to be more efficient and environment-friendly.

Integrated Digitized Solution

From CAD design to finished products created by 3D printing,EvoDent owns a full set of 3D printing solutions and aims to change the way of dental processing,define the standard application of digitized 3D printing in dentistry and offer customers their desired best results with specialized 3D printing technology.

Digitized Working Process

Data Acquisition
Printing and Production
What They Say about Us
Layer thickness could be as precise as 0.1mm, completely satisfying the printing requirement of teeth models. With big forming surface, it can print over a hundred teeth models at one time. Photosensitive resin has lower cost, higher strength and basically no toxicity. Speaking from cost, precision, efficiency, stability and safety, UnionTech’s SLA 3D printing technology is a great choice with excellent cost performance.
Smartee Denti-Technology
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Unionfab Cloud

Unionfab Cloud is an industrial Internet cloud and intelligent manufacturing platform developed by UnionFab specifically for the 3D printing industry. Based on advanced technologies,such as intelligent hardware,cloud computing,edge computing,IoT and AI,it achieves intelligent interconnection of 3D printing equipment and offers users functions like cloud 3D printing,intelligent production scheduling,restoration of auxiliary data models,remote monitoring of equipment,equipment health management,production data analysis and standardization of full service processes,supporting enterprises to improve the actual production efficiency with less dependence on field production personnel and to achieve fine management of the production procedure.


The versatility of 3D printing materials decides the versatility of products. With nearly 20-year practice and experience in the industry,UnionTech has developed stereo lithography apparatus (SLA) materials with industrial performance close to that of engineering plastics,high-transparency acrylic SLA materials,high-flexibility SLA materials and heat-resistant SLA materials that could replace molds.
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