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Vienna, 30th July 2019 – BIBUS Austria, a Premium Austrian reseller of digital products and manufacturer of industrial applications, and leading partner of the industry for hydraulic, pneumatic and mechatronic components becomes Austrian, Hungarian and Slovenian Distribution partner of UnionTech®, a long-standing 3D printing technology provider, with the advanced high-performance RSPro and Pilot SLA 3D Printer Series for high-accuracy industrial applications.

Industry · Prototyping and Mold-making

With the ambition to bring value-added, high-quality and high-accuracy industrial solutions to its customers in Austria, BIBUS has been researching the global market for professional 3D Printers providing a 3D printing solution that would meet its strict requirements.

“Our focus has been on accuracy, reliability, quality, user-friendliness, indication flexibility and value for money”, explains Mr. Bernd Tröster, CEO of BIBUS Austria. “In addition, one elementary requirement was an open source system providing the best variety of resins to our end-users to even meet highest expectations. These requirements cannot be achieved easily, and certainly not all are covered by one single 3D printing solution. During the last three years, we looked at different 3D printers on the market, which leaded to the clear conclusion that repeatable and trustworthy accuracy and precision is rarely found. We know this is the key to our customers relying on the highest accuracy and performance standards in order to provide similar high-quality industrial solutions to their customers around the world.”

“Concluding our research, we found that the Pilot and RSPro SLA 3D Printing solutions from UnionTech, are able to bring an outstanding performance to our customers, serving the widest imaginable material range with fast, highly accurate and reliable in-house 3D printing. With UnionTech 3D Printers we also offer a big variety of building platform sizes, to meet every customers need.

Our general philosophy is: Innovation – Top Quality – Customer Focus.

These elements are fully addressed and satisfied by the variety of our portfolio. We rely on the progress of our digital industry solutions which we achieve together with our customers as well as in our own organiza-tion. This year our company is celebrating its 30th Anniversary and we are certain that 3D printing finally reached a level where it will have a daily value-adding impact on the flexibility, operational excellence and commercial success of our customers. We are glad to be part of this progress in future, says Daniel Kopp,Teamleader Additive Manufacturing, BIBUS Austria”

For UnionTech it is fundamental to enter into partnership with a company having the same high standards and ambitions for accuracy, industrial performance, flexibility and value for money for its digital technology solutions. For almost 20 years UnionTech has been developing professional 3D printing solutions, known for their quality and performance within a variety of industrial segments ending up in market leading positions across several areas and regions.

From our Headquarter in Shanghai, we are pursuing our ambitious growth strategy by establishing sales and support organizations and facilities worldwide. We are seeing a rapid and highly successful increase of our printers around the world, with many new customers weekly joining our family of satisfied users. “For Europe, we are looking forward to a strong collaboration with BIBUS Austria and also with our resellers in other European countries, and the immediate benefits that our mutual customers will be able to realize from printing for example sophisticated automotive, aviation or other industrial parts”, says Marco Bruchhausen, Sales Manager Europe, UnionTech.

About BIBUS Austria :BIBUS Austria, founded in 1989, was purchased at 100% by BIBUS Holding, Switzerland in 1999. Since the company exists, it concentrates on selling industry-components and assembling groups for production and maintenance procedures. For many years BIBUS Austria achieved an above average growth. www.bibus.at

About BIBUS Holding:BIBUS Holding is a leading company in their core activities and offer their customers high quality products and services. The keys to its success are the network of expertise and the skills of its employees. Together with their partners, managers and employees, BIBUS was built on the foundation laid by Dipl. Ing. Hans Bibus in 1947, and continuously developed and expanded by his son Felix Bibus. The product range is not the same for each of the 27 subsidiaries, but each one offers the same services as core competences: Engineering – Logistics – Service. Each company has access to the Know-how and resources of the whole group. For the customers, the supplying partners and employees this concept led and also will lead in future to long-term, successful partnerships.

About UnionTech:Established in 2000, UnionTech shows nearly 20 years of proven leadership of globally-sourced SLA 3D Printing Systems and is now the market leader of SL equipment in Asia. We have broadened our market reach to support a quickly growing customer base in North America, Europe, and Russia. 

Our long-time approved CE-certified SL technology with reliable technical support and maintenance options is widely established in multiple industries like mold making & tooling, automotive, footwear, arts, dental & medical, education & research, etc. We also strengthen our leadership as an Additive Manufacturing (AM) equipment and solutions supplier by actively focusing on the evolution of new photopolymer AM technologies. Nearly 30% of our growing professional team is dedicated to research and product development. All of these benefits are supported by our global affiliation with other marketplace leaders. By living our core values day-by-day, we dedicate ourselves to developing innovative technologies and efficient models which evoke the potential of 3D-Printing, to serve the needs of our customers and pave our way to global success, under adherence of a continuous pursuit towards perfection.


The versatility of 3D printing materials decides the versatility of products. With nearly 20-year practice and experience in the industry,UnionTech has developed stereo lithography apparatus (SLA) materials with industrial performance close to that of engineering plastics,high-transparency acrylic SLA materials,high-flexibility SLA materials and heat-resistant SLA materials that could replace molds.

Unionfab Cloud

Unionfab Cloud is an industrial Internet cloud and intelligent manufacturing platform developed by UnionFab specifically for the 3D printing industry. Based on advanced technologies,such as intelligent hardware,cloud computing,edge computing,IoT and AI,it achieves intelligent interconnection of 3D printing equipment and offers users functions like cloud 3D printing,intelligent production scheduling,restoration of auxiliary data models,remote monitoring of equipment,equipment health management,production data analysis and standardization of full service processes,supporting enterprises to improve the actual production efficiency with less dependence on field production personnel and to achieve fine management of the production procedure.

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