Innovative education should be given to students to cultivate the ability of the next generation to use 3D printing technology,and at the same time to strengthen their creativity and scientific literacy.
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Digitized Learning Factory
Talents understanding digitized manufacturing technologies such as 3D software technology,3D scanning and 3D printing are much-needed during China's transformation from a manufacturer of quantity to one of quality.

Associated Laboratory

Associated Laboratory is the best way to satisfy the demands of research and industrialization of core technologies. It puts 3D printing technology in the center and drives the innovation and development of scientific research projects with intelligent manufacturing and education cloud; it also supports and facilitates studies of core technologies based on user demands. It will become a new symbol of education ecology and a test base of achievements in technological and scientific researches.

Education Cloud

It is an intelligence-based 3D printing education ecology with an integrated service system consisting of “data – platform – operation” and offering services like 3D printing online data sharing,campus big data management and control,digitized intelligent manufacturing,operation and maintenance.

Technology Cloud Platform Management System

Technology cloud means Unionfab Cloud,which is an industrial Internet cloud intelligent manufacturing platform designed for the 3D printing industry. Based on its advanced technical capabilities in intelligent hardware,cloud computing,edge computing,IoT,AI,etc.,UnionFab is able to achieve intelligent interconnection of 3D printers and enable users to conduct 3D printing on cloud,intelligent production scheduling,repair of auxiliary data models,remote monitoring and control of equipment,management of equipment health,analysis of production data and standardization management of the full service process,helping enterprises improve actual production efficiency,reduce dependence on field production personnel and achieve fine management of production processes.

Intelligent Factory

Intelligent factory is a new type 3D printing production and manufacturing factory. While Unionfab Cloud and 3D printing digitized system are combining new technologies like original intelligent tools and systems,all production processes are standardized to regulate enterprise management,reduce printing errors,offset various loopholes,improve work efficiency and production safety,and build an efficient,energy-saving,green,environment-friendly,comfortable,cultural and smart factory. The intelligent factory represents UnionTech's attempt in future distributed manufacturing and the yield of the integration of 3D printing and high-end manufacturing.
What They Say about Us
Layer thickness could be as precise as 0.1mm, completely satisfying the printing requirement of teeth models. With big forming surface, it can print over a hundred teeth models at one time. Photosensitive resin has lower cost, higher strength and basically no toxicity. Speaking from cost, precision, efficiency, stability and safety, UnionTech’s SLA 3D printing technology is a great choice with excellent cost performance.
Smartee Denti-Technology
UnionTech has a well-developed 3D printing training system, which is very helpful to us and to the development and growth of our engineering team. Therefore, we expect UnionTech to offer more mid-level and high-level 3D printing technical courses, and wish a better cooperation between us in the future!
Shanghai Jun Chen 3D
UnionTech 3D printing technology offers more resources and opportunities to the higher education industry. Introducing UnionTech 3D printing technology enables our students to develop a full-scale understanding of 3D printing and innovative thinking. Overall mastery of this manufacturing technology has laid a solid foundation for delivering qualified technical talents for all trades and professions.
Rongcheng Campus, Harbin University of Science and Technology
Every technological innovation that UnionTech makes in the area of SLA 3D printing has significant importance to the production of shoe molds and offers the most valuable equipment solution to the entire shoemaking supply chain.
Fuzhou Xintianli Molding Products

UnionTech 3D printing equipment has high stability and offers great assurance to production efficiency and product quality. Relying on UnionFab, we have set up our intelligent production system and learnt a lot during the process. Both of us are contributing to building a cooperative relationship with mutual trust.

Since its establishment, Dongguan Keheng has established a good and stable partnership with UnionTech. UnionFab Cloud launched by UnionTech set up an intelligent IoT for all Keheng’s branches in different regions, offered Keheng 3D printing intelligent cloud production and management, and helped it improve the actual production efficiency while reducing its dependence on field production peronnel, and really achieve the fine management of the production process.
Dongguan Keheng Model Co., Ltd.

“UnionTech is a very important partner to us, for it has a powerful technical team and a perfect and formal after-sales services system. We feel assured to use technologies developed by UnionTech.”

Dongguan Huitong Hand-made Model Co., Ltd.

UnionTech Education Case

Shanghai Design Biennial 2016 was held from Sept.1to 3 at the Shanghai Exhibition Center,located at 1000 Yan’an Middle Rd. Meanwhile, jointly partnering with the Shanghai Foreign Exchange Center of Science and Technology and another well-known multinational conglomerate corporation, UnionTech provided 3D printers in sponsorship for Shanghai Intelligent City Industrial Competition highlighted the SDB for College Students.
This competition focused on the intelligent street light industrial design based on the industrial Internet of Things. Student teams from 6 universities such as Fudan University, East China University of Science and Technology and Shanghai Second Polytechnic University, designed and produced their most creative works as required, including the street lights, and intelligent remote management panel visualized in consonance with the road condition, for the final awards. Before handing into the competition’s judging panel, the contest submissions will be 3D printed with UnionTech™ SL industrial 3D printers to deliver a better form, fit and function for their design concepts.

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