UnionTech Raises $30 Million in Series D Funding Round, Boosting Innovation in 3D Printing
UnionTech, a leading industrial-grade 3D printing company from China, announced on December 21 that it has completed a $30 million Series D financing.
In 2021, China's 3D printing industry has maintained rapid development and has attracted the attention of capital markets. There have been dozens of financings throughout the year, and UnionTech’s D-round financing is one of the largest. 
This round of financing is led by Dening Capital, followed by Cash Capital, Yingke PE and Dragonrise Capital Advisors. Evonik Venture Capital and Luhe Venture Capital, the investment shareholders of UnionTech in Series C round, also made an additional investment in this round.

About 3D printing
3D printing is a new digital manufacturing technology. It directly drives production by CAD digital model, which realizes the seamless connection of CAD/CAM and reflects the typical characteristics of digital production and intelligent manufacturing to the greatest extent. It is the inevitable result of the deep penetration of information technology and digital technology into the traditional manufacturing industry.