The Secret Weapon— Dental DLP Printer S300
The dental industry is facing increasingly fierce competition
and constantly growing demands
S300, a dental 3D printer launched by UnionTech,
boasts high precision and large format, and enjoys a wide range of fans
And our 3D printing solutions for the dental industry are also favored by the whole industry

So, is there any secret weapon?

Yes, the secret weapons are all here

4K Laser Projector

Precise Design

Powerful Configuration

S300 enjoys ground-breaking
precision, quality and reliability

UnionTech self-developed
professional intelligent algorithms
to ensure precise reproducing of every dental model
and consistent printing of the entire format

Uniformity of light intensity>95%

Uniformity of light intensity>95%

Distortion rate<1.5‰

Printing format: 249.6×140×240mm
Meet the needs of dental laboratories/dental clinics

Provide more than ten kinds of process design packages, to easily print all kinds of dental models
The resin tank with removable film

Is simple, convenient and easy to maintain

Automatic power correction
regular check and correction of the power of the X-ray machine,
keep the printer at 100% horsepower at all times

I believe you’ve had a better understanding of this product now. As a pioneer in the 3D printing industry, UnionTech will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation and develop more excellent products that meet customer needs. Later, we will continue to introduce this product. Coming soon...

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