UnionTech Supported Additive Manufacturing China New Vocational Technical Skills Competition

The Qualification Competition of Chongqing for Additive Manufacturing Equipment Operator Project under China New Vocational Technical Skills Competition was held at Chongqing Industry & Trade Polytechnic on October 18, 2021. Shanghai Union Technology Corporation (UnionTech) offered industrial 3D printers and technical support for this Competition.

The Additive Manufacturing Training Center of Chongqing Industry & Trade Polytechnic

During this two-day Competition, the contestants were divided into two groups, i.e., the Employee Group and the Student Group; on October 18, it was the contest of the Employee Group and on October 19, it was that of the Student Group. A total of 72 contestants from 26 entities (including Chongqing Three Gorges University, and five vocational colleges) participated in the Competition. 

Group training by engineers from UnionTech before the Competition

Contestants were picking up pieces
Under theme of “Being a World Master with Strong Technologies and Abilities”, the Competition aimed to give full play to the demonstration role of vocational skills competition, improve the digital skills of the public, carry forward the craftsmanship spirit of excellence, and motivate students to take the road of becoming a useful person with skills and serving the country with skills. 
UnionTech has been paying close attention to and devoting itself to the field of education, and facilitating the construction of high-quality skilled talents, with its excellent products and technical services; meanwhile, in order to facilitate the additive manufacturing technology to be applied in a variety of industries related to national economy and the people's livelihood, UnionTech has accumulatively trained more than 4,000 persons through the skill training sessions for additive manufacturing engineers held by it twice every month since 2012. In the future, UnionTech will coordinate with universities and colleges to facilitate industry-education integration and university-enterprise cooperation as planned, jointly build the additive manufacturing, make contribution to cultivating inter-disciplinary skilled talents, and support the high-quality development of global additive manufacturing industry.

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