UnionTech releases new 3D printing photosensitive resin material Xurverse Proto600
“The world is in continuous flux and is impermanent.
Since we live in an uncertain world, we need to keep pace with the times and embrace the changes. Our mission is to continuously innovate.

- Doctor LIN Jinrui, General Manager of Synthetic
In the opinion of Doctor LIN Jinrui, General Manager of Shanghai Synthetic New Materials Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of UnionTech), 
3D printing has entered the stage of lot manufacturing from that of prototype verification. Major manufacturers, including traditional material manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, service providers and a variety of application scenarios are working hard together to build the ecological closed-loop for new construction and new manufacturing by 3D printing.
New materials act as both the basis for technological development and guidance for technological advancement. With our excellent product portfolio and sophisticated professional skills, we are committed to helping additive manufacturing industry tackle the greatest technical challenges and creating more value for the industry. 

Developed for 3D printing, Proto600 has first-class strength and toughness. Its heat resistance reaches 56℃,8℃ higher than similar materials, which is over 17% higher. Its surface quality is so high that it can show extremely fine details. Meanwhile, it makes post-processing easier, with shorter curing time, easy to remove supports and easy to clean part, which is exciting because post-processing is widely considered to be difficult and time-consuming. Plus, Proto600 maintains an amazing consistency and stability in mass production. You can use it for your large-scale 3D printing production with no worries.
So to speak, the development of materials exerts influences on the development of 3D printing technology, while the development of 3D printing industry depends on the R&D and application of the materials that are used in the industry. Thus, people related to and not related to the industry pay close attention to breakthrough in materials. With the development of domestic and overseas 3D printing industry, domestic and international enterprises (including UnionTech) attach great importance to research, development and application of 3D printed materials, the main drive of development of the industry. 
As early as 2015, UnionTech started its R&D in 3D printed materials. 
In 2015
UnionTech formed the core team of UnionTech – Materials Center and started its R&D in photosensitive resin
UnionTech completed the construction of UnionTech - Materials Center Laboratory

During 2016-2018
With the three-year technology accumulation, UnionTech was mainly engaged in the four industries, i.e., orthodontics, footwear industry, prosthodontics and industrial engineering, thus identifying demands of these industries.
In September 2018, it cooperated with Evonik (a world-leading special chemical enterprise) in the joint development project of high-performance materials

In 2019
Shanghai Synthetic New Materials Co., Ltd. was established 
Obtained the Record Certificate of Class I Medical Device with its orthodontics and prosthodontics models
Sold 20 products in the four industries, i.e., orthodontics, footwear industry, prosthodontics and industrial engineering

In 2020
Its revenue in 2020 achieved a year-on-year growth of 100%, based on the stable sales of 28 products covering medical treatment, footwear industry, sculpture, electronics, automobile and education.  
In 2020, it cooperated with Sartomer (a provider of special acrylic acid) in a joint development project

In 2021
It plans to launch three high-performance materials, which can be used in auto spare parts, chassis components, structural components, and other small-lot manufacturing.

About Synthetic
Shanghai Synthetic New Materials Co., Ltd. (“Synthetic”), founded in 2019, a wholly-owned subsidiary of UnionTech, is engaged in research, development, production and sales of photosensitive resin. For the 3D printing industry, Synthetic devotes itself to innovating the photosensitive resin and exploring the application in the industry. 

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