UnionTech became the only designated 3D printer supplier of the 46th WorldSkills Competition

In order to prepare for the additive manufacturing event of the 46th WorldSkills Competition, the Chinese national team for additive manufacturing competition assembled for training in Yancheng Technician College, Jiangsu Province. As the only designated brand supplier for SLA 3D printing equipment, UnionTech has recently sent 5 sets of SLA 3D printers and 5 sets of DLP 3D printers to the national training base to provide training and technical support for it.

▲ Picture of the national training base

AME R6000 is a high-end SLA 3D printer launched by UnionTech
• Provide full LCD, high-velocity scanning, high efficiency, negative pressure adsorption scraper, and variable light spot
• Realize stable equilibrium, improve the efficiency to 300%, and achieve automatic setting and automatic control of process parameters, as well as adjustment of liquid level and other functions
• Enable equipment IOT, remote manufacturing, intelligent operation and maintenance, intelligent production scheduling and sorting, big data analysis
• Meet a series of requirements such as production, scientific research and teaching practice in an all-round way

AME RH1400 is a high-end industrial DLP 3D printer launched by UnionTech
• Provide compact shape and powerful functions
• Realize high-precision control of the printing accuracy
• Allow simple software operation interface, easy to operate
• Achieve simple and fast replacement of resin bracket
• Provide 10.1-inch touch screen for control
• Support three data transmission modes: Ethernet, WIFI and USB flash disk
• Enable equipment IOT, remote manufacturing, intelligent operation and maintenance, intelligent production scheduling and sorting, big data analysis

During this intensive training, UnionTech also provided professional product training and detailed technical guidance, contributing to the additive manufacturing event of the WorldSkills Competition. The main training projects during the intensive training included 3D reverse scanning, reverse engineering and design, forward optimization design, 3D printing and post-printing processing, etc.

UnionTech has always been concerned about and devoted itself to the field of education, promoting the construction of high-quality skilled industry talents with high-quality products and technical services. Moreover, UnionTech has held two training sessions every month for additive manufacturing engineers in the industrial field since 2012, training more than 4,000 people in total, and striving to promote additive manufacturing technology into all walks of life related to the national economy and people’s livelihood. In the future, UnionTech will join hands with schools to gradually promote industry-education integration and school-enterprise cooperation, build the additive manufacturing majors, and do our best to contribute to the training of compound, skilled talents, and promote the high-quality development of the global additive manufacturing industry.

Since China joined WorldSkills International in 2010, it has participated in five WorldSkills Competitions and won 36 gold medals, 29 silver medals, 20 bronze medals and 58 winning prizes. The 46th WorldSkills Competition is scheduled to be held in Shanghai, China from October 12 to 17, 2022, and China will participate in all 63 events in the Competition.


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