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Muees310 Industrial-grade SLM 3D Printer

Exploring Laser Melting Technology Potential.

Safety Gas Circulation

Built-in safety and venting valves ensure safety when printing.

Air Filtration System

Environmentally friendly, avoiding secondary pollution.

Double Sealed Piston

Ensures the sealing of the metal powder storage room.


Self-developed full-process software system.

Muees310 Technical Data

Build Volume

310 × 310 × 400 mm

( 12.21 × 12.21 × 15.75 in ) 

Build Chamber Size

325×325×400 mm

(12.80×12.80×17.32 in)

Laser TypeYb-fiber Laser, 1 x 500 w / 2 x 500 w
Precision Optics4 F-theta-lenses
Layer Thickness20μm - 100μm
Max. Scanning Speed4 m/s
Inert Gas405nm

7 inch Capacitive Touch Screen

Machine Dimensions 

(L x W x H)

1845 x 1405 x 2640 mm
Machine Weight2000 kg

Consult with your sales representative for confirmation of current offering.

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