Why UnionTech

UnionTech Office China

UnionTech™ stereolithography was first introduced to the China market in 2000. The environment in the local market offered intense competition from CNC milling that refined the development of the RSPRO stereolithography equipment. The current generation of equipment has been developed to deliver reliable efficient production of high quality parts in the most cost effective manner.

Recognizing that users of their equipment benefit from free collaboration and joint innovation with the widest range of material suppliers, all qualified photopolymer systems for 355nanometer SL may be used. Components from international suppliers are incorporated in UnionTech equipment to ensure the highest levels of performance and service.

Wherever possible, commercially available components are selected over proprietary solutions to enable cost effective long term service.

Printer-Stereolithography USA
Union Tech Inc. Printed Sculptures

Introducing a New Dimension in Stereolithography 3D Printing

• Cost effective ownership throughout entire life cycle

• Freedom to collaborate and innovate: open design for materials and machine access

• Surface aesthetics that reset expectations and contribute to lower post finishing requirements

Recognizing that experienced, local sales and service are critical components for delivering the full benefit of the UnionTech product line, RP Sales America, Inc has been named as the exclusive distributor for the USA.