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Union Tech Inc.

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Technical Support

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UnionTech™ equipment has been extensively used in a broad range of applications for nearly 20 years. Our technical specialists have also worked with the Somos® family of SL materials since 2003. Whether you are evaluating potential new applications or evaluating the pros and cons of the wide variety of AM technology options, you can count on our support.

Equipment installation and maintenance is provided by UnionTech trained technicians from RP Support America, Inc., a trusted and experienced provider of stereolithography equipment support.


DSM somos material

The UnionTech™ equipment is compatible with all 355 nanometer wavelength photopolymer formulations designed and qualified for stereolithography. The equipment operator is responsible for the selection of the SL material that best satisfies their application’s needs.

The leading global supplier of SL photopolymer formulations for open systems is DSM Functional Materials (Somos®).

The Uniontech SL equipment has been used extensively with these products.