Innovative Features

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All vat based stereolithography equipment operate under a similar set of parameters:

• Precisely controlled platform motion to maintain set layer thickness

• Adjustment for resin level

• Recoating after each laser drawing pass to ensure an even layer of photopolymer for imaging, especially in designs with trapped volumes

• Maintenance of material temperature

• Replacement of material as manufactured parts are removed

The UnionTech™ SL equipment design approach is based on the incorporation of features that deliver reliability, durability, and high quality part manufacture:

3D Printer Plunger Leveling System

Resin level adjustment is achieved with a straight forward plunger design.

Very small movements of the plunger adjust the resin displacement level. As printed parts are removed from the vat, the plunger design provides the additional benefit of maximizing the time between adding additional refill resin.

pump filled resin system

A pump-fed resin refill system allows for resin to be replaced with positive control, complementary to the plunger displacement feature.

Also, there is an option to replenish the vat via the refill reservoir container, avoiding spills around the working surface and vat surround.

Stereolithography printer adjustment

The level adjustment of the vacuum re-coater assembly is aided by convenient adjustment knobs.

A glass window allows easy monitoring of the liquid level within the re-coater.

In the unusual occasion that an over adjustment results in aspirating resin, a secondary containment feature is included.

3D Printer SL

The granite block re-coater frame provides a solid base for the re-coater track.

The granite frame is less susceptible to expansion/contraction due to temperature and also may reduce vibration compared to a metal frame base.

hardware control uniontech

Access to equipment controls is set by the equipment owner.

Via password control, access can be set at levels corresponding to operational needs: Operator, Engineer or Expert.

The number of controllable parameters increases with level of access.

Parameters for specific resin types can be stored and optimized by the user. UnionTech equipment allows for use of any 355nm photopolymer system that is qualified for use in stereolithography equipment.