UnionTech Promotes Utilization of Industrial SL 3D Printing with Commercial Product Line Strategy at formnext Hall 3.1 stand A-21

UnionTech Promotes Utilization of Industrial SL 3D Printing with Commercial Product Line Strategy at formnext Hall 3.1 stand A-21 

UnionTech Demo Center PILOTPhoto Captions:

Top: Hands-on examination with sample parts such as this clear material bottle will be available that demonstrate the width of application possibilities with UnionTech™ equipment.(Creative Commons Image)

Bottom: UnionTech’s PILOT 250 stereolithography (SL) product line for commercial applications will be on display at formnext 2018. 


Shanghai Union Technology Corporation will continue to promote the PILOT stereolithography (SL) product line for commercial applications at formnext 2018. The UnionTech PILOT 250 will be available for hands-on examination with sample parts that demonstrate the width of application possibilities in Hall 3.1, stand A-21.


UnionTech introduced the PILOT 250 and PILOT 450 in the fall of 2017 to capitalize on the demand of potential 3D printing users that would benefit from industrial SL capability but previously felt priced out of the technology.


The open source strategy for materials and software featured in both the PILOT commercial series as well as the RSPRO production series have proven to be significant enablers for application development, allowing the user access to the best solutions to specific application needs. The commercial PILOT SL product line has proven to also bring a significant improvement to the cost and performance effectiveness of industrial strength SL printers.


For instance, the PILOT 250, on exhibit at the 2018 formnext features:

  • A 250 mm cube build envelope with no compromise in accuracy or precision across the entire platform
  • Configurations for 355nm UV laser beam sizes from a nominal 0.07 mm to a nominal 0.16 mm to support applications ranging from microfluidic applications to rapid injection molding tooling and general prototyping needs
  • Layer thicknesses ranging from 50 microns to 250 microns that allow users to optimize for detail and build speed
  • A standard 1500 mW 355nM laser that delivers more than adequate build capabilities for materials ranging from high clarity unfilled formulations to highly filler loaded materials



Above: UnionTech’s PILOT 450  “easy change” material delivery vat and cart assembly.



While the emphasis on open sourcing in 3D printing is often focused on materials, options in software have also proven useful in applications such as investment casting and metal clad SL composites as well as producing cost effective options for data preparation for the PILOT commercial line. Materialise Magics slice based TetraShell™ module for instance has been used in “light-weighting” architectural and digital sculpture models. Material consumption can be reduced without any compromise to structural integrity for these applications. UnionTech’s Polydev data preparation software facilitates preparation of a CAD file for printing; including repair, editing, texturing, etc. at a price point suitable for the commercial 3D printing market.


Visit UnionTech at formnext 2018 exhibit in Hall 3.1, stand A-21 for a demonstration of the utility of the PILOT commercial SL 3D printer line, as well an opportunity to discuss the entire UnionTech product range including the RSPRO production series.


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Shanghai Union Technology Corporation, established in the year 2000, is accustomed to intense competition in SL, resulting in cost effective, easy-to-maintain robust product offerings that create highly accurate parts with excellent aesthetics. UnionTech™ products were first made available to international markets in 2016. The international commercial PILOT™ series and production RSPro™ equipment series incorporates key components from leading global suppliers and are supported by local sales, marketing and technical service.


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