Rapid + TCT 2018–Union Tech Inc. “Fresh Dimension In Additive Manufacturing”

UnionTech exhibiting at  Rapid + TCT 2018 booth #1710.

“Fresh Dimensions In Additive Manufacturing” includes display of the new PILOT 450, one of two commercial stereolithography product offerings.

The PILOT 450, providing users with access to a full spectrum of “21st century” materials, can produce a full range of high quality industrial grade applications including investment casting patterns, metal clad composite patterns, injection molding tooling and wide range of functional prototypes capabilities.

The UnionTech PILOT series, starting at under $100,000, opens industrial strength stereolithography capabilities to new segments of 3D printing users without any compromise in performance capability.

UnionTech also offers in-house developed PolyDevs software, as its cost effect option for data preparation for printing on the PILOT series SL equipment.

UnionTech will also be previewing the NEW RSPro 1400 a 1400×700×500 mm large frame SL (stereolithography) machine.

The key features of the RSPro 1400 include:

  1. Duel lasers for simultaneous printing on one part
  2. Scanning speed can reach 18m/s
  3. Key components from leading international suppliers, Panasonic of Japan, Optowave of America, Scanlab of Germany
  4. Closed loop control strategy for: Platform movement/Laser power/Material level/Temperature/Vacuum
  5. Automatic calibration and one button start.
  6. Carbon fiber enhanced recoating blade for non-deformation.