WESTEC 2017 attendees (re)discover the advantages of stereolithography (SL) processing

Photo Caption: UnionTechTM Pilot SD, on display at WESTEC 2017

WESTEC 2017 attendees (re)discover the advantages of stereolithography (SL) processing by hands-on exploration of demo parts and the Pilot SL equipment at the Union Tech Inc. booth.

Union Tech Inc., recently exhibited at WESTEC 2017– the West Coast’s leading manufacturing event. We appreciated the high level of interest from exhibition attendees. Many were encountering the versatility of SL as a 3D printing application for the first time while some notably found cause to revisit their previous perceptions.

On display at the booth was the UnionTechTM Pilot SD, one of two product lines targeted at the commercial market.

Features of the Pilot SD include:

-250 mm x 250 mm x 250 mm platform

-High accuracy and resolution

-Open design for choice of materials

– A market entry price point that expands access to SL capabilities to a larger commercial audience.

In addition to learning about the equipment, many attendees were discovered unfamiliar aspects of the versatility and wide-ranging capabilities of stereolithography (SL) equipment and the latest advances in material through a hands-on exploration of the display parts. These parts demonstrated:

– A wide range of physical and mechanical properties: high clarity, micro-resolution, high-impact combined with stiffness, and temperature resistance greater than 500°F

– Examples demonstrating high accuracy, excellent resolution, and excellent overall aesthetics across a broad range of part size.

UnionTech 2017 Investment Casting PartPhoto Caption: Investment casting pattern provides a route to near net shape metal parts. This part was manufactured from Somos® Element capable of burnout with near zero ash.

– Applications for Prototypes and Beyond:  A variety of applications including investment casting patterns, injection molding tooling, metal clad composites with properties near die cast aluminum, and light-weighting for prototype and large-scale parts.

UnionTech Somos tooling injection molding
DSM Functional Materials

Photo Caption: Injection molding tools provide a rapid means of producing injection molded prototypes and test parts. Image from Wehl & Partner (courtesy DSM) shows intricate tool with glass-filled nylon part.

Besides the Union Tech Inc. team members at the booth, a representative of DSM Somos, Kevin Zaras was available to discuss the latest advances in epoxy-based hybrid materials for SL and specific application recommendations.

Somos Taurus is the latest addition to the high impact family of SL materials from Somos

Photo Caption: Somos Taurus is the latest addition to the high impact family of SL materials from Somos featuring superior strength and durability with heat tolerance of up to 90°C.

Plus, Jeremy Owen, RP America (Union Tech Inc. distributor), answered potential user questions regarding the SL service and maintenance support capabilities of his company.

Parts Produced on UnionTech RS Pro800 and RSPRO 600 WESTEC UnionTech Parts on display Stereolithography

Photo Caption: Parts Produced on RS Pro800 and RSPRO 600 by RP America Demonstrating Their Benchmarking Capabilities in Support of Equipment Sales

About Union Tech Inc.

Established in 2000, the UnionTechTM brand of photopolymer 3D printing equipment is now the domestic China market leader in stereolithography. Union Tech, Inc., in St. Charles, Illinois, a fully owned subsidiary of Shanghai Union Technology Corporation, manages SL equipment distribution throughout the US. International distributorships and agents have also been established throughout Europe and Russia.


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