Union Tech’s Open Design Stereolithography Equipment is Now Available in North America

Union Tech’s open design stereolithography equipment is now available in North America.

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Union Tech Inc., with more than 15 years of SL equipment manufacturing experience in the Chinese marketplace, is now offering four different models for the North American market (Pilot SD, RSPro 450, RSPro 600, RSPro 800).

Union Tech’s Open Design for Materials and Equipment Control

  • No restriction on photopolymer sourcing
  • Wide latitude of control for software/build conditions
  • No restriction on service options

Union Tech’s Equipment High Quality Parts

  • Reduced Finishing Costs ( offers excellent sidewall quality)
  • Full control of build parameters
  • Unrestricted access to widest performance range of all polymeric AM processes

The four different models (Pilot SD, RSPro 450, RSPro 600, RSPro 800) have platform sizes ranging from 250 mm square to 800 mm square. Components for the equipment are globally sourced from suppliers that include ScanLab scanning systems and Panasonic servers. The widely used Magics software from Materialise easily accomplishes part preparation.

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RP Sales America, Inc and RP Support America,Inc has been named as the distributor and source of technical support for the North American market. With over 100 years of collective experience in SL equipment maintenance and service, providing users of UnionTech™ equipment an established equipment support resource.

About RP Sales America, Inc.

Based in New Sharon, Iowa, RPSA is the US distributor for the UnionTech™ RSPRO line of stereolithography equipment. RP Sales America, Inc, through its sister company, RP Support America, Inc., ensures technical support and service of the UnionTech™ RSPRO SL product line. For more information, visit: https://www.rpsales.us/

About Union Tech, Inc.

Union Tech Inc., is a fully owned subsidiary of Shanghai Union Technology Corp., marketing the UnionTech™ RSPRO600 line of stereolithography equipment in the US. Union Tech Inc. believes that additive manufacturing will continue to be a major agent of change in how products are designed and manufactured. Union Tech is dedicated to assisting our customers in fully accessing the potential of photopolymer based additive manufacturing.

Additional information on Union Tech Inc., may be obtained via contact with info@uniontech3d.com or by calling our St. Charles, Illinois, office at: 630-797-2255.

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