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Pre-sales data
  • Do the UnionTech SLA machines have CE certificate?

    Yes, our machines are CE certificated.
  • What technical documentation is delivered with the SLA machines?

    User manual and equipment installation environment requirements will be send along with our machine.
  • Do you have a full list of Material Safety Data sheets on the materials you sell?

    Yes,we have.
  • On other SLA platforms a material cart is removable to easily and quickly change material types. Does the UnionTech machine utilize a material cart to change materials?

    We have equipment models with replaceable tanks, such as Pilot250 and Pilot450, which can change the resin quickly and conveniently by changing the handcart and resin tank.
  • Is the operating display in English?

    Yes,of course.
  • Can UnionTech provide a list of countries you have supplied to outside of China.

    Our equipment has been successfully exported to 33 countries around the world, list as followings:

    North America(1): USA

    South America(3): Brazil, Mexico,Peru

    Middle-East(2): The United Arab Emirates, Iran

    Oceania(1): Australia

    Asia(10):  Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Japan

    Europe(16): Germany, UK, Italy, Denmark, Ireland, Czech republic, Slovakia, Poland, Slovenia, Turkey, Russia, Netherland, Romania, Estonia, France, Switzerland

  • Is additional software required to prepare a build, for instance like Magics Materialise?

    We have been a major supplier for Materialise software since 2001, we also provide in house developed software, polydeves software.
  • An understanding of the relationship between Somos and UnionTech would be a question?

    We have established cooperate relationship with DSM since 2002.
  • What types of resins are used in UnionTech SLA 3D printers?

    We are open design for free choice of material sourcing, you can create your own parameters to suit the resin as long as its 355 nm wave length. General we use DSM for resin supply as they have the best and most variety. We cooperate with DSM Somos since 2002. In addition, UnionTech also has self-developed resin for customers to choose.

  • What is the technical principle of UnionTech SLA 3D printing technology?

    3D printing is known as rapid proto-typing technology (RP) or additive manufacturing technology (AM). Stereolithography Apparatus (SLA) takes photosensitive resin as the raw material and relies on photopolymerization to achieve solidification and formation, by spot-scanning liquid resin along the pre-defined layered section of the part with UV laser. The thin layer of resin starts photopolymerization under the scanning effect and form a thin layer section of the part.

After-sales data
  • Low laser power or laser power fluctuation

    1.The laser internal crystal temperature parameter changes 2.Laser on-off problem 3.The window mirror of the machine optical device is damaged 4.Large fluctuations in ambient temperature
  • Rscon problem

    1.Sudden power failure leads to loss of parameters 2.Unlock the dongle 3.Software crashes
  • Size deviation

    1.The window mirror is damaged 2.XY scale factor is wrong 3.Unreasonable parameters such as Z axis compensation and spot compensation
  • Packing and peeling at the bottom of parts

    1.The scraper is too high 2.Hatching speed is too fast
  • Level fluctuation

    1.Electromagnetic interference 2.The bottom of the liquid level sensor is dirty 3.Angle problem of liquid level sensor 4.Vacuum adsorption leakage
  • Part deformation

    1.Too little support 2.The support grid is too large to withstand pressure 3.Scanning parameters
  • Make broken parts

    1.Too little support or missing 2.Scraper is low 3.There is no hole in the cup
  • Do not shape

    1.Damaged dynamic focusing lens 2.Damaged window mirror
  • No laser power detected

    1.No laser power detected 2.Damaged power detection head 3.Damaged power amplifier
  • Poor surface quality

    1.Level fluctuation 2.The platform is loose 3.Scraper problem 4.Vacuum adsorption problem 5.Scanning parameters problem

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