As one of the longest-established additive manufacturing (AM) companies in China, UnionTech has developed abundant industrial experience, great technical foundation, and insightful understanding about the application of 3D printing technology and customer demands worldwide.
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The Company is founded in 2000

Market Share

No.1 SLA market share in China


Over 2000 customers worldwide


Global coverage of intellectual property rights

Sales amount

Sales amount over 350 million

Pieces of equipment

Over 5,500 units of equipment worldwide

Average annual growth rate of business revenue

Average annual growth rate of business revenue (2012-2021)

Average annual growth rate of equipment

Average annual growth rate of equipment sales (2012-2021)

Average annual growth rate of resin

Average annual growth rate of resin sales (2012-2021)


Over 50 dealers worldwide
40+ Countries


Export to 40+ countries and regions
Brand and market advantages
UnionTech owns the biggest customer group (>50%) in the application of SLA technology in the industrial area in China, covering automobile, aerospace, electronics/electrical, home appliances, industrial design, military industry and other industries. In particular, it enjoys great brand recognition and plays a significantly influential role in the application market of 3D printing in the industrial side.
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System Strength
UnionTech is a commercial corporation fully adopting market-orientation operation, with great sensitivity to the industry and market, and prominent team-based problem-solving systems.
Resource Strength
With long-term and well-developed cooperation with its partners at home and abroad, UnionTech has developed profound interpersonal networks and technical resources at all levels in the industry and shaped strong capabilities in resources integration.
Capital Strength
UnionTech has accomplished three rounds of capital financing, providing outstanding driving forces. It officially launched IPO at the end of 2019.
  • Equipment sales quantity
  • Resin sales quantity(KG)
Business revenue reached over RMB 100 million in 2015
Business revenue reached over RMB 200 million in 2017
Business revenue reached over RMB 300 million in 2019
The Most Widely Used Industrial 3D Printer
UnionTech enjoys extensive brand recognition and industry influence in the domestic 3D printing area in the industrial side. With industry-leading industrial scale, profound industry influence and brand reputation, it owns the biggest customer group (>50%) in the industrial side in China and is recognized as the top and leading enterprise in this market segment. UnionTech’s product strategy and marketing strategy play a decisive and influential role in the SLA 3D printing market in China.
In the global 3D printing market, UnionTech is widely known as a provider of industrial 3D printing technology and integrated 3D printing solutions. Its operating data and market performance have been quoted by several specialist agencies in the industry at home and abroad as a main reference to evaluate the global 3D printing market.
Report by 3D ScienceValley Shows UnionTech’s Rapid Growth
In general, the shipment of industrial 3D printers in the first half of 2018 has increased by 22%. Enterprises with leading shipment of industrial SLA 3D printers include: Stratasys, UnionTech, HP, Carbon and 3D System; those with leading shipment of industrial metal 3D printers include: EOS, GE AM, Renishaw, SLM Solutions, 3D System and Germany Trumpf.
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Complete Product Line

The Company owns the leading Stereo Lithography Apparatus (SLA) 3D printing technology, has the biggest client group in the industrial circle (domestic market share is over 60%), and gains wide industry influence and brand awareness in the 3D printing technology field in China.

Our Honors

Won SGS International Certification
Rated as Shanghai Little Hi-tech Giant
Honored with Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Award
Featured on the list of Top 100 Private Manufacturing Enterprises
More than 1000+ customers around the world are using 3500+ devices of UNIONTECH
  • 3D Printing Center
  • Automobile
  • Electronic
  • Consumer
  • Education
  • Medical
  • Shoemaking
  • Oral
What They Say about Us
UnionTech has a well-developed 3D printing training system,which is very helpful to us and to the development and growth of our engineering team. Therefore,we expect UnionTech to offer more mid-level and high-level 3D printing technical courses,and wish a better cooperation between us in the future!
Shanghai Jun Chen 3D

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