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To provide excellent 3D printing system solutions and leverage 3D printing to reform traditional manufacturing and business mode.
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To provide excellent 3D printing system solutions:
UnionTech essentially expects to be a provider of brand-new distributed manufacturing solution with extraordinary performance and user-friendly experience,in order to provide one-stop services to satisfy all customer demands throughout the whole process,from inspiration to product realization.

To leverage 3D printing:
Compared with technical breakthroughs,UnionTech focuses more on the transplantation and application of specialized technologies in all areas worldwide with market demands as the driving force,as well as the perfect way to meet customer demands. Technical application is driven by the market.

To reform traditional manufacturing and business mode:
With Internet thinking,UnionTech is committed to building connections between “personalized demands” and “distributed manufacturing”. Through the continued integration,creation and evolution of new business models,it will bring about changes to the 3D printing industry,manufacturing and even people's lifestyles.
To be a global leader in 3D printing industry
  • Global:

    UnionTech's long-term strategy is not limited to the Chinese market. It also expects to expand its business to the global market through constant efforts and exploration. 1
  • 3D Printing:

    Focus on 3D printing: to differentiate it from traditional manufacturing modes and generate game-changing reforms 2
  • Leader:

    To be an industrial leader in 10 years with:

    The biggest and best ecological chain in the global 3D printing industry,the most terminal users and the highest output value in the entire ecological chain

    Top 3 3D printing capability in the world

    World-famous brand recognition



  • Customer Dedication

    To help 3D printing service centers,3D terminal investors,3D practitioners,terminal customers and every interested party earn greater return and better user experience. By creating value for them,it is able to establish the industrial ecology,which is the most critical basis for the Company. Therefore,all employees shall act by creating value for customers,satisfying customers and serving customers.
  • Excellence

    To offer customers products and services,seek for ever greater perfection,create user-defined craftsmanship and display geek-oriented behavior.
  • Adaptability

    3D printing industry enjoys a rapid development but has great uncertainties. At any time,the Company shall not be satisfied with its past growth or current strength and shall maintain an inclusive and open mind in the innovation of technologies,business modes and service modes.
  • Continuous Innovation

    To utilize specialized technologies from various areas to update 3D printing solutions based on the consideration of market demands,in order to continuously improve customer value.

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